[AUSIA] The Army of CP Hosts Fun Igloo Raid!

Ascent, ‘Igloo Raiding Rave’– Today our AUSIA division logged on to Ascent-Town we started off at town then we moved over to help our troops earn the Party Stamp by raiding their igloos. This event was led by CSY, Cubster and Sanya. We were able to maximum size of 30 penguins for this event and at the same time we had tons of fun! <3, Congratulations to everyone who earned the Party Stamp Igloo and thank you to everyone that attended.

Max: 30

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[AUSIA] Army of Club Penguin Mops Until it Cannot Mop any Further

ASCENT, “Mission: Clean the Island” – Hi ACP! Today, Club Penguin Rewritten was joined by our AUSIA Division as they logged on for our Mission: Clean the Island event. We equipped out Mop and Bucket items and then toured the island, led by Commander in Chiefs CSY and Cubster. We concluded the event by visiting a number of members’ igloos to help them with their housekeeping!

Max: 29

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[AUSIA] Army of CP Hosts ‘Letterman Runway’ Event


ABOMINABLE, ‘Mission: Letterman Runway’ – Today the ACP logged on Abominable, CPR for our AUSIA Mission: Letterman Runway event, the member of the ACP succesfully finished the mission wearing various colors of Letterman Jackets, we had a decent max of 33, Lets go for another strong AUSIA event this weekend!

MAX: 33

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ACP History: The Birth of the ‘AUSIA’ Division

Update: The VERY first AUSIA event was hosted by Mchappy days before Flipmoo’s unscheduled debut. Check it out here.

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – As we march on with ACP History Week and host our Birth of the AUSIA Division themed event, the Shamrock Bulletin takes a look back on the moment that changed the course of Club Penguin army history forever.

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[Spec Ops/AUSIA] The Big Dig – Results!

Today, the Army of CP organized a SPEC-OPS / AUSIA event which was a amazing event where we wore our mining helmet and started digging for coins. It started at Town where we gathered all the miners and went from Iceberg to the mine and collected coins! It was a fun event and hope you guys enjoyed! Continue reading

[AUSIA] Operation: Wrapped Up – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today, our wonderful AUSIA Division logged on to Ascent on CP Rewritten wearing green mittens, scarves, and winter hats! The event was lead by Commander-in-Chief CSY and took us from the Town to the Beach and ended with a bang at the Stadium!

Max: 36

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[AUSIA] Games Tournament – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today the ACP AUSIA Division logged on to 1-bar Sleet on Club Penguin Rewritten wearing our cool gingerbread outfits and had fun playing Card-Jitsu, Find Four and Sled Racing!

The winners of each of the games are as follows:

Card-Jitsu: Caramel

Find Four: Max and Pandito

Sled Racing:  Tea

Max: 35

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[AUSIA] Delta Division ‘Aces of AUSIA’ Training – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today the ACP AUSIA Delta Division logged on the Bunny Hill for training in preparation for our Aces of AUSIA battle tomorrow. We covered everything from advanced forms to quick room changes! Thank you to everyone that came.

Max: 31

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[AoA] Great AUSIA Gathering – Results!


Hey there ACP

Today we logged on for the Great AUSIA Gathering – a free for all battle against 8 other armies – as the opening ceremony for the Aces of AUSIA tournament. We faced off against the other armies in the Snow Forts, throwing snowballs and charging around.


Max: 30

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[AUSIA] Mod-Lead Firefighter Takeover – Results!


Hey there ACP! Today logged on to the 1-bar server Mammoth and saved it from some blazing fires! Be sure to comment down below if you attended!

Max: 41

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