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Events for Monday, 14th of June

[US] Operation: Delta

CPPS: CP Rewritten



+1 clovers for reaching our size goal of 45!



[US] Delta Division Takes Over the Island

Hello, ACP!

Today we had a Delta Division event where we practiced our tactics and formations in preparation for our defense of Ascent against Templar’s tomorrow. We went to rooms such as the Town, Stadium, and Iceberg while practicing!

Max: 44

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[UK] Clovers in Disguise for a Civilian conga

Hello, ACP!

Today we roamed the island as Club Penguin Rewritten civilians! We went to the Town and Snow Forts while executing unique formations like a smiley face and a conga line.

Max: 47

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Top Ten Armies [6/6/21-6/12/21]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Our second Top Ten ranking of June witnesses changes in the top four once more. Continue reading

[AUSIA] Exciting Land Invasion Against Doritos Ends in Victory

Crystal, “Land Invasion” – Today, we did a land invasion against the Doritos as part of Project Conquest. We did warm-up tactics in town and then began our invasion in the Mine. We continued at the Stadium and ended at the Beach. Our invasion was mod-led by Kyle with assistance from Cubster and Chicken, which led to an ACP victory in all three rooms!

Max: 31

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[UK] The Return of Alpha vs. Echo

Hello, ACP!

Today we logged onto Abominable for an exciting event for the return of Alpha and Echo, our two divisions! Both divisions competed against one another in tactics and formations. At the end of the event, the Echo division members were declared as the winners of the day due to their strong tactics and formations.

Max: 36

Yeswhy (middle of max size pic) doing tactics in another room

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[US] Roaming around the Island for a Clover Scavenger Hunt

Hey, Army of CP!
Today we had our Mission: Soldier Scavenger Hunt Event! We warmed up with some tactics and formations at the Town and the Iceberg then roamed the island in search of fellow clover defenders.

Max: 33

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[AUSIA] Operation: Out of the Shade Event

ZIPLINE, ‘Out of the Shade’ Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline, as so many joined us for a great event that involved our cool shades and getting ready for some summer fun! We did some cheesy, fun tactics that went with our theme. After the event, we did some games, Cart Surfer and some Skribbl! Thank you all for coming and I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Max: 44

Remember about our event that is gonna be at 7 PM EST! Look in #events to see if you can come later today! Also, don’t forget to react in #invasion-schedule if you can come.


Field General

[UK] Clover Conquest Results in ACP Victory of Magma Clan

Ascent , “Clover Conquest” – Hey there ACP! Today we logged on to CP Rewritten to face off against the Magma Clan for their server, Methana. We were able to come out victorious in this battle, so we gained a new server! We had quite a few new troops show up to our first Clover Conquest Battle of the summer! Thank you to everyone that came!

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[EUSIA] New ACP ‘EUSIA’ Launched With Outstanding Operation

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation EUSIA’ – Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline for the launch of their EUSIA division with Operation: EUSIA. We had many new troops join us on our adventure today and had great fun! Thank you all for coming today!

Max: 46

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[US] Clovers in Yellow for Advisor Appreciation Event


ASCENT, ‘Advisor Appreciation` – Today ACP logged onto the server Ascent to appreciate all the hard work our advisors do for the army. We wore yellow for this occasion and had lots of fun, ended the event with a fun jetpack game tournament. Shoutout to Faith for winning and Zelly for leading the event!

Max: 41

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