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Events for Friday, 22nd of January

[UK] Skribbl.io!

Game: Skribbl.io


ūüćĬ†2 clovers for attending! ūüćÄ


[The Revenge War] Jackbox Battle!- Results!

Heya, ACP!

Today we logged on Jackbox and played Patiently Stupid!, We had tons of fun and Team Echo was able to win both rounds! Congratulations to Daniel and Kailey for winning! Which leaves the war score at 19-13

Shoutout to Ramen for hosting this event <3333

Make sure to react in #events if you can attend our Skribbl.io event!

For Ramen!

[The Revenge War] Battle on Agar.io! – Results


Hey whats up ACP! Today we logged on Agar.io for our amazing Agar.io battle! We had a lots of fun, today the winner was Alpha!

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[AUS] Xat Hide and Seek – Results!

Hey ACP!

We logged on xat today for some Hide and Seek! Pics and results are below:

Shane 5 points [1st]

Daniel 5 points [2nd]

Cotopaxi 5 points [3rd]

Cubby 3 points

Cube 2 points

Jake 2 points

As Shane came in first, he earns Alpha 2 points, cotopaxi and Daniel both earn echo 1 point respectively, putting the war score at 14-8.

ACP Leader

Legend Interviews: Bobcatboy10

Hey there Shamrock Bulletin-ers!

Today the Shamrock Bulletin decided to pay a visit to the 18th leader of the Army of CP, ACP Legend, Medal of Honor, and Bronze Medal recipient Bobcatboy10 and ask a few questions about his ACP endeavors.

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[UK] Jackbox: Drawful 2 – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today we played Jackbox: Drawful 2 between our divisions! Thank you to Spotty for hosting!

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[The Revenge War] Pokemon Showdown RandBat Tournament!

Alphas, Echoes…

Recruiting all pokemon fans – masters or amateurs!

As part of the Revenge War, I’m also happy to announce the first ever ACP Pokemon Showdown Elimination tournament!

Battles will be held on: https://pokemonshowdown.com/


  • Format: [Gen 8] Random Battle
  • Single-elimination bracket tournament
  • Timer must be ON
  • No other forms of cheating – including asking others for help during the match, googling for help
  • Turn off the timer for disconnects, a 5 minute grace period will be allowed for the opponent to reconnect, if not, the win automatically goes to the last man standing unless both players agree to a rematch
  • Once the bracket and matchups have been announced, you will have 24 hours to complete your match

Entry deadline: 21st Jan 2021

Winner will receive:

  • Special role
  • 2 points for their team

1st and 2nd runner ups will receive 1 point for their team respectively.

To join, fill in the form in the comments below:


Discord tag:


May the best trainer win!

ACP Leader

[UK/US] Xat Typerace – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today we hosted a typing race between our divisions on the ACP Xat Chat and managed to see over 20 people in the chatroom.

As for the results:

Alpha wins 17 rounds while Echo wins 14 rounds. This awards Alpha with 2 points and Echo with 1 updating the war score to :echo: 7 Р4 :alpha:

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My Favorite Battle/s From 2020!

Welcome back to another Shamrock Bulletin! 
Hello everyone, it’s Cube writing here¬†my first shamrock bulletin hope you all are doing well and enjoying the new year! As you all know that 2020 made an end to flash era leading us to make a transition to HTML5 which I hope will happen soon and we will use that but today, In this post we will be going back in time to look at some of the most memorable battles we had in flash CPPS era in 2020!

So starting on from one of my favorite battles I have ever participated in and I feel pleasure to tell all of you that it’s none other than the ACP VS IW FRIGHT OR FIGHT BATTLE – It was the semi-finals of FOF tournament and we were facing Ice Warriors. It was a tough battle but because of the effort of every single ACP solider we won the battle with a astonishing 2-1-0 [ W-T-L ] by maxing our second highest in a battle which was 113.¬†

I still remember how nervous we were before this battle and our hard-work and grind payed back!
We had tons of Giveways after that  battle and a rare thing- Bronze Medals were given away to 2 people:-

It was a Memorable day for me and most of the ACP!!

SOOOOOOOOOO¬† I contacted McHappy and got some very rare information out…. ..¬†
McHappy’s favorite battle —

October 5th, 2019
First PB since coming back against LGA!!! It is one of the battle of early days when ACP was started again. We maxed 16 in it and took the VICTORY!! 

Favorite battle of the ACP staff 
As you can guess with the title that its related with the ACP staff and Kudos you are right! Recently I asked Current Staff members of ACP on there best battles of 2020 and based on there answers I have the results for you on there favorite Battles. 

Comment down your favorite battle/s of all time that you enjoyed and will remember!! Thanksssssss for reading it!!!!!!!!!!!! 


[The Revenge War] Kahoot Trivia! Battle of Brains-Results!

Heya, ACP

Today both Alpha and Echo logged on Kahoot to face off in Sanya’s Epic Trivia!

We were able to see 40+ attendees in this Kahoot game!

Unfortunately Alpha wasn’t able to place in the Top 3 leaving all Echo members winning the Top 3! Congratulations to Soup, CSY and Mow! for being the top 3 winners of this Kahoot Trivia battle! Huge congratulations to Soup from Team Echo! for winning 1st Place

Currently the war score is now 6 from Team Echo! and 2 from Team Alpha! leaving with a total war score of 6-2


Remember to react in #events if you can attend our next game which is a xat type race!

Thank you so much for attending my Kahoot! I hope you guys enjoyed ‚̧

Much love to you all ACP ‚̧

ACP Field General!

[The Revenge War] Krunker.io Battle for Glory – Results



Hey whats up ACP! This week “The Revenge War” started! we are going to be hosting different events in various games, today we logged on Krunker.io for our battle. Continue reading