[US] Clover’s Turn Into Chef’s

Ascent,”Chief Chef”-Hello ACP! Today, the clover empire’s US Division Logged onto club penguin rewritten for our chief chef event, we started out at town suiting up in chef costumes we headed down to the iceberg and stadium, We reached a maximum size of 16 troops and had a lot of fun together everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 16

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[AUSIA] Invading Free Land in the New Map Era

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

FREE LAND, The Shorelines — Today we held our first invasion of free land on the new community map. Keep your Roman helmets on, soldiers. There’s a lot more left to conquer. During the event, we had 17 clover penguins in attendance. If you have attended this event, you have earned 6 clovers!

Max: 17

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New Music Has Arrived to Club Penguin Rewritten

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Did you notice anything new when logging on for the last few events? Recently, the developers over at Club Penguin Rewritten have added to the growing collection and converted scores from other places to bring to the island for the Plaza and the Town. A game that spans over 16 years, Club Penguin has produced a lot of original music that we all know and love. Let’s take a quick listen to them.

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ACP Saga: September & October 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events of September and October 2021!

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The End of World War VIII

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Following over a month of constant battling, multiple times a day, the war has finally seen it’s end. This post marks the conclusion of the 8th World War that took place between the Vengeance Alliance and the Western Bloc.

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[UK] Clover’s Rush Ice

Ascent,”Battle Against Ice Warriors”– Hello ACP! Today, the clover empire’s UK division logged onto CP Rewritten for our battle against IW, we battled at the stadium, mine and forts, We reached a maximum size of 14 troops and had a lot of fun together battling IW everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations. Make sure to a take a look at the pictures from the event today!

Maximum size – 14

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Studying Tips From An Advisor

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Some of you may have been asking, where have you been, Mchappy? Naturally there is only one answer to this. Studying, of course!

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[OCTOBER 2021] Promotions!


Army of Club Penguin Ranks

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Purple = AUSIA

Commander in Chief
2ic Field Marshal2ic
Faiththeunicorn | Zeus | Roxy
Master General
Field General
Aurora | Kyle
 LieutenantGeneral  Lieutenant General  LieutenantGeneral
Major General

Brigadier General



Marquis, Mangoes, Hamood, Yeet Monster, Baileybear2021, Lily, Caitlyn, Chekdar, Calgocubs,  Doink, Yesn’t, Yasmini, Ideaz, Wyperr , Wagner, Actionspark

Kimi, Bri, Kyuu, Brookee, Cotopaxi, Stef, David, Viixen, Keynikki, Catherine, Haleyyy, Jenn, Emily, Frostyy, Caesar, Erika, David, GothGirl, Mariantt99, Jenn, Sophie, Luigi, Blackrose, Duel blade, Fish, Dantsamurai, SuperKlonoa, Caramel, EpicVR, Reekid, Rarity, Soup, Nyupenyu, Enigma, Wolfogon, Flipoto
First Lieutenant
  AlexR, Catt, StrangeTRY, HTost🅰do, Outertale Sans, NotASeat, Pikachuboo, Abby, AbudyGam3R, Mythic, Tatertrocks, Rain
Second Lieutenant
Txsc ,Tay, Laboss, Big Ed, Mikey, Eric, Pan Dorado, Mizzy, Manik, D_DATA, Powerranger, Mow
 Sergeant Major
Riki, Nathalex, Yvette, Sharkbate, Rollo De Canela, Obby , KevinDA1708, Bmoon, Legion276
Master Sergeant
fel, Hokage, Kabuto, Grizz, Nicole, Miss C.O.Z, Yyelloow, King Icey, Mariantt99, Ramen ,Dizzy, Volker, Book and Musket Tia Jr, Kimo, Nickeman, Sema, Kira~
Staff Sergeant
Shad0W0lf, Simon, Marbletech, Tom le Cat, Snow Wing, Kirby, Issa, KevinDA1708, Saúl_Hyuga, Thonoto, Brokensmile, pepeepopo, God, Ixuub, marbletech, Gideon, Xue, Maddie, Michi, emilyyy, TheYeeter001, peanutbuttertoast160908
reko yabusame, NR NNABB, KFC, Truehharmony, Sofi, Joshua, Akihiko Kayaba, Sherlockrace, Flamesrange, IsaacTheDreamer, Venus 006, Wildchild, Brandon567, Kotaro Kashima, Pandor, Cryoaxis, Venus, Shaggy 23rd, Blueboi
 You can achieve this rank by creating a CPR account before your first event, and then attending said event!
 Lance Corporal
This will be your rank after you attend you create your own account! To rank up, simply attend your first event!
This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply make your own Club Penguin Rewritten account!


 CSY , Kailey, King Mondo


Powerprimate, Belencita

Panel of Guardians

Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer20 (Emeritus)
* denotes current acting Guardian(s)

[AUSIA] Through the storm

ASCENT, “Through the storm”: Hello ACP! Today our AUSIA division logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for our through-the-storm event. We first started out by putting on our boots, we headed to the forts and ski hill. The event ended off with a sled racing competition in which Ivelkov won! We reached a maximum size of 14 penguins from the Clover Empire and we had a lot of fun throughout our rainy event. We did an awesome job today! 

Maximum Size – 14

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Road From Recruit: Zeus/Jesus

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In a special edition of the much-loved Road From Recruit column, we explore how ACP General Zeus began his army journey as a private, and what led him to his current position in the Higher Command today.

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