ACP Saga

The History of the Army of Club Penguin

September 29th, 2019 – Present

A link to the previous, uncompleted, ACP Saga

  • September 29th: On the 13th anniversary of the Army of Club Penguin, we reopened the doors for the first time in three years.
  • October 5th: ACP lost to the Lime Green Army in their first practice battle.
  • October 9th: Mchappy introduces the reformed Clover System.
  • October 12th: An ACP and Lime Green Army practice battle ends with an ACP victory.
  • October 13th: ACP declares war on the Recon Federation, and a week long of invasions follows.
  • October 20th: The war between the ACP and Recon Federation ends with the ACP victorious.
  • October 27th: The Garrison division won a practice battle against the Red Miners Army.
  • October 31st: DelfinDilla wins the 2019 Halloween Igloo Contest.
  • November 2nd: ACP battled RPF and LGA in a three-way practice battle.
  • November 11th: Koloway was promoted to ACP Leader following Chainpro’s leave of absence.
  • November 12th: ACP declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation (PIC), named the “War of Crimson Night”.
  • November 15th: The war with the People’s Imperial Confederation concluded in a 6-0 victory.
  • November 16th: ACP defeated the Wild Ninjas in the first round of the ‘November To Remember’ tournament.
  • November 23rd: ACP placed 2nd in the ‘November To Remember’ tournament, after a defeat in the finals to the RPF.
  • November 28th: The first Alpha vs. Echo divisional battle took place, with a Mchappy vs. Koloway theme. Mchappy’s Team Echo took the victory.
  • November 29th: The ACP Training Regiment was revived, with Koloway and Slider568 as the Directors.
  • November 30th: The first ACPTR event was held.
  • December 1st: ACP claims the Number 1 spot on the Top Ten, breaking the Rebel Penguin Federation’s 6 month grip.
  • December 8th: The second Alpha vs. Echo battle resulted in a win for the Alpha division.
  • December 14th: Echo wins the third Alpha vs. Echo division battle.
  • December 21st: The Alpha vs. Echo branch battle saw another Echo victory.
  • December 22nd: ACP win the first round of the Holiday Championship Tournament.
  • December 27th: ACP declares war on the Templars.



  • January 4th: ACP win the Holiday Championship Finals against the Help Force, reaching 48 on CP Rewritten.
  • January 5th: ACP are victorious over the RPF at the Holiday Championship Finals. Kailey was awarded the Bronze Medal Award and the army hit a peak of 60+.
  • January 11th: ACP lost their practice battle to the Help Force.
  • January 12th: ACP join forces with RPF for an inter-army Branch Battle. ‘Team Sapphire’, comprised of ACP’s Echo and RPF’s Navy, triumphed over ‘Team Ruby’, formed by ACP’s Alpha and RPF’s AirForce.
  • January 18th: A Ketchup vs. Mustard battle was held, with the Ketchup division victorious.
  • January 27th: Koloway retired as ACP leader, appointing CSY and Kailey310 as the 48th and 49th leaders of ACP. His tenure lasted from November 11th, and under him the ACP went undefeated in war. ACP managed to become the first army in the history of the CPA League to beat RPF on the Top Ten more than once. His biggest accomplishment was defeating HF and RPF in the semi-finals and finals of the Holiday Championship Tournament, winning the first tournament in years in the history of ACP.
  • February 1st: ACP lost a practice battle to the Rebel Penguin Federation. The battle was led by leader Kailey and the ACP maxed 30.
  • February 3rd: Kailey310 retired from ACP.
  • February 4th: In a week long series of events, the ACP battled a mysterious “hacker” that had managed to infiltrate the Discord server and kidnap several high ranking officers. In a final battle to discover the culprit’s identity on February 8th, 25 of ACP’s bravest soldiers battled on CP Rewritten to unmask Plok as the attacker!
  • February 16th: In the  Alpha vs. Echo battle, led by Koloway and Max, Alpha took the victory.
  • February 22nd: ACP declare war on the Romans: their aim to remove Darklink, a proven multilogger, from the Romans leadership.
  • February 29th: Cherry Cherry was announced as the first Troop of the Month!
  • February 29th: On the five-month anniversary since reopening, the ACP engaged in an exciting and highly anticipated practice battle with the Help Force. Led by CSY, the ACP won with a 2-0-1 (ACP-HF-Tie) victory, attaining a size of 36.
  • March 1st: The ACP/Romans war concludes with a 5-0 victory. The final battle saw the ACP reach 26 and an early forfeit from the Romans.
  • March 2nd: CSY took a leave of absence and appointed Max as temporary Commander in Chief.
  • March 7th: ACP re-invade their birth server, Mammoth, reaching 32 penguins online.
  • March 9th: 2funky3, long time ACP 3ic and army veteran, is promoted to 2ic.
  • March 14th: ACP re-invade their former capital, Breeze, with 40 soldiers.
  • March 20th: CSY returns from his leave to lead a practice battle against the Help Force. ACP take a 3-0 victory, reaching a size of 43.
  • March 22nd: The Heroes vs. Villains branch battle saw a 2-1 victory for the Heroes (Echo).
  • March 28th: In a three-way practice battle with OM and PIC, the ACP maxed 70, breaking the biggest size record for the current generation.
  • March 29th: For the 6 month anniversary celebrations, a ACP Prom & Party was held!
  • March 30th: The ACP win their battle in the CPAM Premier League, against the Romans, maxing 65.
  • April 2nd: ACP defeat Pizza Federation in the second battle of the CPAM Premier League.
  • April 4th: ACP win the third battle of the Premier League, in a 2-1 victory vs. Help Force.
  • April 11th: ACP lose a tough battle against the RPF, but advance to the finals of the Premier League tournament.
  • April 14th: The Echo division win a 2-1 victory against Alpha.
  • April 18th: ACP lost the CPAM Premier League tournament finals to the RPF, but maxed 65.
  • April 25th: The Alpha vs. Echo branch battle had a first, “The Tournament” which saw Alpha win a 2-3 victory.
  • April 26th: A CPATG Star Wars themed event saw the ACP soldiers dress up in their favourite colours, maxing 35.
  • April 27th: The RPF declare war on the ACP. The ACP form the ultimate alliance and start World War Rewritten.
  • April 28th: The ACP defeat the RPF twice, defending their capital server Mammoth.
  • April 29th: The ACP declare war on the People’s Imperial Confederation and Lime Green Army. The battle for RPF’s capital, Tuxedo, resulted in an alliance victory.
  • April 30th: ACP reclaim their server Deep Freeze, defeating RPF for the fourth time.
  • May 1st: ACP defend Alpine with the alliance.
  • May 2nd: World War Rewritten ends with a ceasefire between the RPF and ACP. ACP end conflict with PIC and HF and declare independence.
  • May 6th: Mchappy awards the Bronze Medal to CSY and Max.
  • May 6th: Max holds an iconic and unforgettable Mermaid themed birthday party.
  • May 7th: The reformed ACP Training Regiment reopens under Director Max.
  • May 10th: The Moderator Lead: Alpha vs. Echo battle resulted in a tie.
  • May 12th: A practice battle with our allies, Chaos, ended in a 3-0 victory.
  • May 17th: A division battle between Adrenaline (Alpha) and Cobalt (Echo) concluded with a 2-1 victory for Adrenaline.
  • May 20th: The ACP took home a 3-0 victory against the Water Vikings, maxing 58.
  • May 23rd: Following an attempt of mass troop stealing, the ACP declared war on the Coup Crusaders.
  • May 25th: Two days later, a 3-0 victory for the ACP was announced.
  • May 27th: The ACP defend the server Thermal against the Templars, winning the battle with a 3-0 victory.
  • May 29th: ACP win an AUSIA practice battle vs. the Elites, peaking at 30.
  • May 30th: In an intense practice battle with the Dark Warriors, the ACP max 44 and won with a 2-1-0 score.
  • June 1st: Peaking at 47, the ACP take a 3-0 victory at the first round of the Legends Cup X, against the Jungle Warriors.
  • June 5th: Flipmoo rejoins for his PoG role.
  • June 8th: The ACP win the second round of the Legends Cup X against the Pizza Federation. A size of 58 was recorded.
  • June 13th: Shaboomboom rejoins ACP for his PoG role.
  • June 14th: The ACP battled the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup X quarter finals. The CPPS size record was broken as 80 ACP soldiers attended. The battle resulted in a 1-1-2 loss.
  • June 15: Zelly, after devoting herself to ACP, received a promotion to 2ic.
  • June 17th: Long term ACP HCOM and recruiting revolutionary Brad, steps down from his HCOM position to an advisor role.
  • June 20th: An Echo vs. Alpha branch battle resulted in a 3-0 victory for the Echo. The army maxed 35.
  • June 26th: The ACP won a practice battle against the Doritos with 48 soldiers.
  • June 30th: The ACP won an AUSIA practice battle against the Water Vikings with 35 soldiers.
  • July 3rd: The ACP lost in a very close practice battle vs Help Force with a score of 1-2-1, the army achieved a maximum size of 52.
  • July 4th: The brand new Clover Chats Podcast was announced. 2funky3 featured on the first episode.
  • July 4th: A special branch battle (Alpha vs. Echo vs. Red Ravagers) saw the Echo win with 2-1-0.
  • July 8th: The ACP won an AUSIA practice battle against the Army of the Orient Seas, maxing 28!
  • July 8th: Leader CSY introduces the Shamrock Bulletin, the ACP’s community ran newspaper.
  • July 11th: A four-way branch battle with the Pizza Federation and Crimson Guardians saw the Echo win and Alpha take 3rd place.
  • July 16th: The ACP withdraw from the Doritos-led New Dawn Alliance.
  • July 19th: Former leader and current third-in-command Koloway retires from the army community.
  • July 24th: The Alpha division take a 2-1 victory in a branch battle with the Crimson Guardians. The ACP peak at 37 in total.
  • July 25h: ACP held an AUSIA event to celebrate 2funky3 – long time 2ic- birthday. They maxed 37.
  • July 28th: CSY awards Max with the Medal of Training for his services to the ACP Training Regiment.
  • July 29th: ACP Creator Oagalthorp returns to the Army of Club Penguin Discord server.
  • July 31st: ACP beat the Help Force in  a practice battle, in which we maxed 58 and won the battle 2-1-0.
  • August 1st: ACP practice battled CG in an attempt to recreate a 2007-esque battle, in honor of Oagalthorp joining the server
  • August 3th: Daniel won July Troop of the Month.
  • August 7th: ACP had a three way practice battle with Silver Empire and Lime Green Army, maxing 48 and winning 3-0-0.
  • August 10th: The Army of CP declares war on the Templars: the Third Clover Crusade, citing reasons of homophobia, racism, the bullying of S/M armies, and the slander of the ACP itself.
  • August 11th: 60 troops attend the Invasion of the Templars server, Vanilla, which concluded an ACP victory.
  • August 13th: ACP invade the Templars last server Vanilla a second time, as per the army league rules. Another victory occurs and 43 soldiers attend.
  • August 14th: The ACP win the war against the Templars and force a treaty against them.
  • August 15th: 41 soldiers attend a triathlon event with the Crimson Guardians to celebrate their one year anniversary! The event finished with the promotion of Yetico to ACP General.
  • August 16th: The Legion Española division holds its first event, peaking at 32.
  • August 18th: The ACP vs. SWAT practice battle saw the ACP win with a 3-0 score and maximum of 63 penguins!
  • August 21st: The ACP UK division won a practice battle against the Water Vikings, maxing 44.
  • August 25th: A US-division Alpha vs. Echo vs. Romans battle saw Echo take the victory. A total 42 ACP attended.
  • August 28th: The ACP win the CPAWL’s August Anarchy tournament, beating the Tamales with a size of 37.
  • September 2nd: The ACP narrowly lost an AUSIA battle against the Ice Warriors. The match went into overtime and saw 48 in attendance.
  • September 7th: The results of the ‘ACP Summer Awards’ were released, and saw a total of 18 awards given out.
  • September 12th: An ACP Civil War erupted when the Echo and Alpha Division’s declared war on each other.
  • September 13th: The First Battle of the Civil War was won by the Echo division, and saw a size of 56 reached.
  • September 19th: As the Civil War raged on, leader CSY reformed the Delta Division to battle the Alpha and Echo branches in a final battle.
  • September 20th: The Final Battle saw the Echo Division win the war with a score of 19-9. 52 soldiers attended in total, and the ACP was reunited.
  • September 25th: ACP legends Sidie9 and Kailey310 lead a friendly Alpha vs Echo battle which ended in a tie, ACP hit a max size of 50.
  • September 29th: ACP celebrated their 14 year anniversary with a huge prom in which they managed to break their CPPS era size record achieving a max of 88.


  • October 3: ACP’s Delta Division is inaugurated with a huge event, ACP achieves a max size of 57.
  • October 4: ACP leader CSY announces the winners of the 3 anniversary submission awards.
  • October 10: An AUSIA battle occurs between the Help Force and the ACP, ACP break their all-time AUSIA record achieving a max size of 65, ACP leader CSY dubs it as the biggest AUSIA battle in ACP history.
  • October 13: A battle occurs between ACP and SWAT in which ACP wins with a score of 3-0 and a max size of 73.
  • October 17: ACP face AOS in the first round of the Fright or Fight tournament and manage to win with a score of 3-0, and a max size of 57.
  • October 22: A fun Army Republic vs Nachos division battle occurs in celebration of Field Marshal Cubby’s birthday, ACP maxes 46.
  • October 25: The ACP manage to melt the ice as they win against the Ice Warriors in the semi-finals of the Fright or Fight tournament. They also manage to break their CPPS era size record achieving a humongous peak of 113 penguins. Daniel and Cubeoid are awarded the Bronze Medal Award.


  • November 1st: The Army of CP place first in the CP Army Hub’s Top Ten rankings, 10 points above the second place army, RPF.
  • November 1st: The ACP lose the finals of the Fright or Fight tournament against the Rebel Penguin Federation but manage to break their size record once again with 116 troops online. Cubby was awarded the Bronze Medal Award, and CSY was bestowed the Silver Medal Award.
  • November 10th: An exciting ‘Royal Week’ kicks off in the Army of CP. Across the next 6 days, the members take part in an array of themed events that conclude with the rescuing of King Mchappy.
  • November 14th: 2funky3 retires from his position of second-in-command. He is awarded the ‘ACP Legend’ status and Silver and Bronze Medal Awards.
  • November 17th: Current Second-In-Command, Max, celebrates his 1 year anniversary in the ACP with a practice battle against the Water Vikings, in which the ACP maxes 47.
  • November 18th: Longly overdue, Koloway is finally awarded the Bronze Medal, for stepping up during a time of uncertainty by solidifying the new generation of ACP’s place in the community from putting ACP back on top and in the forefront to taking the dub at the Holiday Championships in 2019.
  • November 20th: The ACP holds a practice battle vs. SWAT, in which the ACP takes the win with a score of 2-0-1 and maxes 51.
  • November 21st: ACP’s Delta Division invades successfully Super Club Penguin’s server Bajo Cero, maxing 31. Shortly after the invasion, Daniel is promoted to Third-In-Command after stepping up and building Legión Española to more than it ever was following Yetico’s departure.
  • November 24th: A fun themed elemental Branch Battle occurs in which our historical allies, Wild Ninjas, join the fight. No winner announced.
  • November 26th: The ACP celebrates current Commander-in-Chief, CSY’s, one year anniversary with a soccer themed event.
  • November 28th: The Aces of Ausia tournament hosted by the ACP begins, with the opening ceremony being a Great AUSIA Gathering. The ACP is accompanied by the various armies participating in the tournament, and maxes 30.


  • December 1st: The ACP has a practice battle against their old enemies, the Templars, in which the ACP wins 3-0-0 and maxes 46. That same day, Faith is announced as November’s Troop of the Month.
  • December 4th: A 2006 themed branch battle with our allies, the Pizza Federation, occurs. The battle resulted in a tie.
  • December 5th: The ACP wins the second round of the Aces of Ausia tournament against Secret Service, maxing 33. That same day, the ACP successfully invades CPAWL’s Xat server.
  • December 8th: A practice battle with the Water Vikings takes place. The ACP wins with a score of 2-0-1.
  • December 9th: A successful invasion of CPAWL’s server, Olympus, occurs. A max of 38 was recorded.
  • December 11th: Another branch battle, this time Knight Themed, with our allies Silver Empire takes place.  The ACP sees a max of 36 penguins in total.
  • December 12th: The Delta Division successfully invades CPAWL’s server Mammoth with a max of 31.
  • December 13th: The ACP wins the third round of the Aces of Ausia tournament against the Red Ravagers, with a max attendance of 31.
  • December 14th: Ex-2ic 2funky3 is welcomed back as an Advisor for the ACP.
  • December 15th: A practice battle with Silver Empire takes place, a max of 40 is recorded.
  • December 20th: The ACP battles in the finals of the Aces of Ausia tournament against the Help Force. The ACP sadly loses the battle, but manages to break the AUSIA max record, with 77 troops attending the battle.
  • December 21st: The ACP holds a huge igloo raid event with the Help Force, maxing 44.
  • December 22nd: Leader CSY announces “Clovers for Change”, a fun themed event to gather clovers to reach community goals. Other contests as well as a Secret Santa are announced, to get into the X-mas spirit.
  • December 25th: On X-mas day, Leader CSY announces the new brother alliance with the Help Force.
  • December 26th: Current Commander-in-Chief, CSY, is inducted as Club Penguin Army Legend.
  • December 26th: The ACP declares war on SWAT, after stating multiple extreme violence, trash-talking and baseless allegations against the ACP.
  • December 27th: The ACP successfully invades SWAT’s server Cozy.
  • December 28th: The ACP successfully  invades both Hockey and Avalanche from SWAT.
  • December 29th: Leader CSY is announced as Person of the Year runner-up.
  • December 29th: SWAT tries to steal Avalanche back from the ACP, but fail.
  • December 30th: The ACP invades servers Lucky and Nevisca from SWAT. The Invasion of Nevisca ends up being the last CPArmies event.
  • December 31st: The ACP successfully invade SWAT’s last server, Mittens. This marks the end of the entire war, with the ACP winning 7-0-0.
  • December 31st: The last event on Adobe Flash is held, with a recorded max of 61. This event marks the end of the “Flash Era”.



  • January 3rd: The first and only test event on CPR’s new HTML5 version is held.
  • January 10th: Commander-in-Chief CSY announces the official departure of the ACP from both the CPAH and CPAWL leagues. This was due to a security scare within the army community.
  • January 16th: CSY announces the beginning of the second Civil War, which would later be dubbed as “The Revenge”. This would begin a week long fighting over both the Alpha and Echo divisions.
  • January 24th: The last battle of the Civil War, as well as the first official battle and return event on CPR, is held. Both Alpha and Echo tie the battle, marking the end of the second Civil War. Echo wins the war with a score of 32-23.
  • January 24th: Long time Field Marshal Robot announces his official retirement from the ACP, and gains himself a spot in the Dedicated Officers list.
  • January 25th: Gugspugs becomes the newest addition to the Higher Command, with her promotion to ACP General. The same day, Daniel is promoted to ACPTR Director alongside Max, who is set to leave his position the following month.
  • January 26th: Field Marshal Max announces the Shamrock Bulletin as an official media organization, which will offer news and content to the Army of CP, wider army community and the CP Rewritten community.
  • January 26th: General Zelly announces her retirement, stepping down to an Advisor position.
  • January 27th: Current Leader CSY achieves one whole year of leadership. To celebrate this, an amazing AUSIA event is held, with an attendance of 35 troops.


  • February 1st: Ex-second-in-command Robot is welcomed back to the ACP, but this time as part of the advisory team.
  • February 2nd: AgentFrog1 is nominated as the first Troop of the Month for 2021 and month of January.
  • February 6th: The first battle of the HTML5 era takes place, between the ACP and SWAT. ACP wins the battle with a score of 3-0.
  • February 13th: Leader CSY and the Higher Command announce the official launch of the new Clover Bot.
  • February 14th: To celebrate Valentine’s Day, a huge “Valentine’s Formal” event is held, where a max of 58 is recorded.
  • February 20th: A battle against our brother allies, Help Force, is held with a max of 45.
  • February 27th: The Clover Shop is launched, alongside a Patreon to support our site!
  • February 27th: A battle against Water Vikings is held, with a max of 48.


  • March 5th: Nyoooooom is announced as February’s Troop of the Month.
  • March 6th: “The Battle of No Return” takes place between the ACP and long time enemies, RFCP. The ACP wins with a score of 3-0 and maxes 48.
  • March 7th: In preparation for the upcoming March Madness tournament, Shane and Fatchicken are promoted to Generals.
  • March 11th: A fun ACPSIS Mission is held, where a Nacho infiltrates the ACP ranks. The mole within the ranks is found out to be Boomer20!
  • March 12th: An exciting 4-way branch battle between Echo, Alpha and Help Force branches, Team Fire and Water, takes place.
  • March 13th: Operation: We Rise From This is launched. Multiple new changes are brought to the army, in order to push for the March Madness tournament.
  • March 17th: An immense Call To Arms takes place over the following days, where multiple members from all over the community come to aid the ACP in the push for the March Madness tournament.
  • March 20th: The first round of the March Madness tournament occurs, where the ACP battles the Water Vikings. The ACP advances, defeating the Water Vikings with a score of 1-0-2 and a max of 70 is recorded
  • March 27th: The ACP and RPF come head to head in the semifinals of the tournament. The battle goes to overtime, and the RPF wins with a controversial result. 28 hours later, the results are overturned with the ACP winning with a score of 2-1-0, breaking RPF’s 4 tournament win streak. A max of 78 is recorded.
  • March 28th: Rah is welcomed into the ACP Higher Command, after showing great efforts in the Fright or Fight and March Madness tournaments.
  • March 28th: Max and Cubster are promoted to Temporary Commander-in-Chiefs, due to CSY having to go on leave.


  • April 1st: The ACP rejects penguins and becomes the Fluffy Bunnies of Club Penguin.
  • April 2nd: Kayla is announced as March’s Troop of the Month.
  • April 3rd: The ACP fights the Ice Warriors in the finals of the March Madness tournament. The battle goes into overtime once again, but the ACP sadly loses the battle. The HTML5 max record is broken, with a max of 97.
  • April 8th: ACP Higher Command announces the launch of the ACP History Week and Color Wars themed event.
  • April 18th: The Army of CP tops the CPAHQ and SB top ten for the first time since November 1st, 2020.
  • April 19th: ACP Higher Command announces Spring Showdown, a community wide battle with no official winner.
  • April 24th: The ACP faces the Ice Warriors, Help Force, and Water Vikings as part of the Spring Showdown activities.
  • April 25th: ACP Field Marshal Max releases post explaining and condemning the corruption within CPAHQ and surrounding it’s top ten.
  • April 25th: The Army of CP achieves the top spot for the second week in a row for the first time since January of 2020.
  • April 25th: Commander-in-Chief CSY returns to the ACP after being on leave for a whole month, promotes Kailey to the rank of Field Marshal and announces Robot’s return to the same rank.
  • April 28th: The Shamrock Bulletin presents the first annual Spring Fling.


  • May 1st: ACP tops the Shamrock Bulletin’s “Top Armies of April,” to top off a great month for the Clover Defenders.
  • May 1st: The April Moment of the Month goes to ‘Cubster and Max Promoted To Temporary Commander-in-Chief; Host ACP History Week’. 
  • May 2nd: Annual Spring Fling occurs, event is very successful and the Army of CP maxes a massive size of 60.
  • May 2nd: The ACP claim the First position on the Shamrock Bulletin Top Ten Armies.
  • May 3rd: The Shamrock Bulletin and CP Army HQ collaborate to create ‘The Recounting Regulation’ and make progressive changes to the Top Ten Event Quality scoring system. 
  • May 5th: Powerangerlll12 is crowned April 2021’s Troop of the Month. 
  • May 5th: The ACP Secret Intelligence Service themed week is launched with an ‘Agents Assemble’ event, with peak size of 55 penguins.
  • May 8th: An exciting ‘Battle of the Brothers’ sees the ACP go head-to-head with the Doritos and Help Force in a three-way. A maximum size of 37 penguins was recorded. 
  • May 14th: A declaration of war is issued against the Doritos of Club Penguin due to a series of shocking betrayals. 
  • May 16th: The ACP successfully invades the DCP historic server and capital, Summit, with a size of 41. 
  • May 19th: The ACP suffer a shocking cyber attack from estranged former soldiers. Field Marshal Cubster’s Discord account was breached and over 700 members were banned from the ACP server.
  • May 23rd: The ‘War of the Estranged Brothers’ concludes with a 5-0 ACP victory. A victory march with 42 proud soldiers is held. 
  • May 25th: A fun-themed history event saw the Gamma Division revived after 11 years of absence. 
  • May 27th: Former ACP leader and at-the-time Advisor, Kailey310, retires from her position. 
  • May 29th: A three-way ‘Clash of Titans’ battle sees the Rebel Penguins, Help Force and ACP draw. 


  • June 1st: CSY’s 484 day solo leadership comes to an end with the promotion of Max and Cubster to the rank of Commander-in-Chief, marking the third triumvirate. 
  • June 1st: A rainbow and love filled ‘Pride Week’ launches in the ACP, with a series of themed events and break day meet-ups hosted. 
  • June 5th: A historic community-wide Pride Parade is hosted by the Shamrock Bulletin in collaboration with the CP Army HQ, CP Army Hub and CP Army Network. The event was the first and only to be given consent by the CP Rewritten staff members and paid tribute to the brilliantly vibrant LGBTQIA+ community. 
  • June 6th: Operation: Clover Conquest launches the ACP’s participation in the CP Army HQ’s innovative ‘Project: Conquest’ battle tournament. 
  • June 7th: Jesus1_4 is crowned May’s Troop of the Month. 
  • June 8th: The ‘EUSIA’ division is launched with incredible success. A peak of 48 was reached. 
  • June 23rd: As the Project: Conquest draws to a close in its final week, the ACP and Silver Empire both push hard to claim victory. The Templars suffer a devastating defeat at the hands of the Clovers 47-strong force.
  • June 30th: The Silver Empire are defeated twice in a week by the Army of CP, leading to the ultimate Shamrock victory. The first major tournament win since January 2020. 


  • July 7th: The June Moment of the Month is declared: ‘CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest Sees The Clover Conquest Victory’. 
  • July 10th: The ACP face off against the Help Force in a friendly Games Tournament. 

To be continued…

Present Day

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  1. Ngl this is pretty dang cool!

  2. Beautiful. Eventually we will finish writing the one started on the original website and use these points in time along with out memories and first hand experiences to write the ACP Saga, which is a narrative account of our history.

  3. Our amazing history!

  4. Love it, learned so much

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