The Army of Club Penguin Uniform



In order to obtain the Army of Club Penguin’s uniform, once you have loaded into the game, in the chat bar, type:

“!army ACP” and this will automatically equip you with both the Army of Club Penguin tag and the uniform pictured below.


Whilst this is our main uniform, we sometimes have different uniforms/costumes that you can wear such as our special Division Uniforms and ACPTR uniforms.

You may also customize this uniform to your liking by using the wiki to find item codes that you can equip by doing “!ai <code>”.

The following are the classic ACP uniforms. If you have any of these items, you should wear them:



CPR Uniform: February/March 2021

For the full guide, please click here

Para la guía completa en español, por favor has click aquí

9 Responses

  1. That's amazing, dood.

  2. We definitely have the best uniform!

  3. Fr, best uniform no cap

  4. tfw u cant comment pictures cri

  5. “I rob banks I ran horses but this, this is BEYOND my style, and it’s GOOD AS HELL

  6. Amazing

  7. Yea will wear that

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