Shamrock Stamps

Shamrock Stamps
This is a feature and perk of being the Lance Corporal rank and above in the Army of Club Penguin! In this awesome and unique activity you can do ACP related things to receive a variety of awesome stamps in your ACP Stamp Book!
  • Each Stamp is worth a specific amount of clovers, with the lowest one being worth 1 and the highest giving out 5 clovers.
  • If you collect all the stamps you will receive an “ACP Stamp Sensei” Discord role.

We use Badgecraft to monitor your progress:

  1. First DM a Stamp Guru and ask them to add you to the Badgecraft page.
  2. Then use the following link to access the Shamrock Stamps page:

To prove that you have completed one of these challenges, you must submit the evidence on Badgecraft and a Stamp Guru will verify this!

Contact one of the following Stamp Guru’s if you need help: Clover Kailey, Max, Sanya.


Level 10! – Hit level 10 on the ACP Discord (1 clover)


Level 20! – Hit level 20 on the ACP Discord (2 clovers)


Level 30! – Hit level 30 on the ACP Discord (3 clovers) 
Novice Recruiter – Recruit 10 People (1 clover)
Experienced Recruiter – Recruit 20 People (2 clovers)
Hardcore Recruiter – Recruit 30 People (3 clovers)
Branch Enthusiast – Attend 4 Branch Battles (2 clovers)
Napoleon – Attend 20 events (1 clover)
Genghis Khan – Attend 35 events (2 clovers)
Alexander the Great – Attend 50 events (3 clovers)
The Dictator – Take part in an ACP war (3 clovers)
Outgoing – Comment on 10 unique posts (1 clover)
Dog with a blog –  Comment on 20 unique posts (2 clovers)
Social Butterfly – Comment on 30 unique posts (3 clovers)
Life is Strange – Take event pictures at 15 events (1 clover)
Steve Mcurry – Take event pictures of 30 events (2 clovers)
Stamp Sensei – Obtain all other stamps (5 clovers)

9 Responses

  1. I'm gonna collect them all!

  2. Good luck to those collecting!


  4. congrats! uwu

  5. Kinda late but, congratulations hehe

  6. gotta catch em all!

  7. i might suck but here we go!

  8. actually when I reached level 10 did not get the stamp and the clover

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