[UK] Results of the ACP Presents: Double Deck the Halls

Addressed to Club Penguin Armies

MAMMOTH, Capital – Today was an extremely successful day. On this day, November 26, the Army of Club Penguin hosted a community event known as the Double Deck the Halls battle. Although it wasn’t a grand tournament, the competition was still on fire. A trophy will be presented later to the winners. (Spoilers: we won Inside Mine and the Forest!)

Max: 15

A huge thank you to not only everyone that showed up in attendance but to all armies that came out to participate. We also had an amazing judge provided by the Club Penguin Army Judges server. Double Deck the Halls was the perfect way to usher in the holiday season, and remind us that armies are meant to be FUN. There is another tournament just around the corner, and there is more at stake.

Would you like to see our army host more community events? Please comment below.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Advisor

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  1. WOO!

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