[US] Skating/Rolling around Club Penguin

Zipline, ‘Mission: Rollin’ Around’Hey there ACP! We logged on today into Zipline Town. We did a fun event where we threw on our skating shoes and did some tactics in town, then did a fun race starting from Ski Hill all the way to Cave Mine! Then, they had us race starting from Cave Mine to finish at Ski Lodge Attic! To top off the whole event, we did a typing race to see who was the fastest typer. Congratulations to Caramel (Co-ordinator) for winning the typing race and Congratulations to Shadow (Co-ordinator) and Stevos (Field General) for winning the CPR races! Hope everyone had a great time at the event! Hope to see you all next time.

Max Size: 22

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[AUSIA] Army of Club Penguin Mops Until it Cannot Mop any Further

ASCENT, “Mission: Clean the Island” – Hi ACP! Today, Club Penguin Rewritten was joined by our AUSIA Division as they logged on for our Mission: Clean the Island event. We equipped out Mop and Bucket items and then toured the island, led by Commander in Chiefs CSY and Cubster. We concluded the event by visiting a number of members’ igloos to help them with their housekeeping!

Max: 29

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Penguin Vogue with Spotty

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome back to the second feature of Penguin Vogue, where we ask various members from our army about their uniform. The logic, emotions or just the memories behind what they wear. Today we’ll be interviewing local Higher Command member, and our very own cow Spotty!

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[EUSIA] Clovers Successfully Find Nemo In Operation: Finding Nemo

ZIPLINE, “Mission: Finding Nemo” – Hi ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s EUSIA Division logged on Zipline for our Mission: Finding Nemo. The clovers all dressed as a fish, we started off the event with finding nemo tactics, and then swam across the island visiting a variety of different rooms. After exploring the island, we headed over to the iceberg where we had a mini practice battle against the Red Ravagers. After the practice battle, we went on a hunt for Marlin, Nemo and Dory, and we eventually found all 3 hidden around the island. We reached a maximum size of 28 penguins, and had lots of fun together. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to Red Ravagers for the mini practice battle!


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[UK] Ice Melted in Exciting ACP vs. IW ‘Blitz Battle’

ASCENT, Battlefield – Today our UK division went head-to-head with the Ice Warriors in an exciting ‘blitz battle’ – in which the two forces battled in four rooms across 20 minutes. We fought well in the Ice Berg, Inside Mine, Stadium and Snow Forts, peaking at a maximum size of 37 soldiers. Excellent work to all and thank you to the Ice Warriors for a fantastic battle!


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Polling Station: Themed Weeks Win in Popularity over Tournaments

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to your newest Wednesday column, Polling Station, where we collect and analyse the views of the Army of CP. This week’s question is in regard to ACP’s favourite week-long event themes!

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[AUSIA] The Legend of Cubone Solved in Pokémon Extravaganza

ASCENT, ‘The Legend of Cubone’ – Today the Clover Empire logged onto the server Ascent for a Pokemon themed event dedicated to Cubone. Instead of donning the Roman Helmets, the army wore the Prehistoric Skull head item and traveled around three different rooms; the Town, Stadium and Snow Forts. Lots of fun was had also!

Max: 23

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Staff Scrutiny with Fusion

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Welcome to the very first edition of the brand new Shamrock Bulletin column, Staff Scrutiny, where Commander-in-Chief Max will be grilling some of our brightest and very best staff members for satirical purposes only, of course! Keep reading to see how Field General Fusion faired.

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[UK/US] District 1 Declared Victors of the Hunger Games

THE CAPITOL, Hunger Games Arena  – To kick off the new week, the UK and US divisions enjoyed the ACP’s very first Hunger Games event. Following an exciting repeating and opening ceremony, the tributes and their district teams battled against one another in three challenges to be crowned the victors. Our winners, the District 1, enjoyed extra clovers to celebrate their success. Thank you to everyone that took part and made it such a special event!


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