[AUSIA] St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – Results

What’s up ACP!

Today our AUSIA division logged onto Ascent, CPRewritten for our epic St. Patrick’s Day Celebration! The event consisted of us dressing in green and marched around all over the island to showcase our spirit. Thank you to our Commander in Chief, CSY, for leading the event. We managed to reach a size of 41 troops! Well done everyone!

Max: 41
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The Battle of No Return: A History Of ACP-RFCP Relations

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Today the Army of CP soldiers march onto the slopes of Ascent to battle their long-time enemy, the Recon Federation. But what exactly happened in the past between these two powers? What was the road leading to today’s Battle of No Return?

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[AUSIA] Invasion of Blizzard – Success!

Hey there ACP!

Today the ACP AUSIA Divison logged on for the 3rd and final invasion of the week, the invasion of the server Blizzard on CP Rewritten. The invasion was a great success and Blizzard is now cloverized! :EL~1:

Max: 23

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[AUSIA] Capture the Flag – Results!

Hey there ACP!

Today we held a pretty unique event for our AUSIA Division – a Capture the Flag event – where teams Red and Blue battled in two rooms (after hiding there) to determine the ultimate WINNER.

Max: 36

And the results areee:

Room 1: Tie

Room 2: Red

Overall Winner: Red

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[UK] Color Wars Battle vs. Templars – Victory!

Hey there ACP!

Today, the UK Division logged on to face off against the Templars in the Color Wars! The battle was super fun and it resulted in an ACP victory since the Templars didn’t show up.

Max: 35

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[AoA] Great AUSIA Gathering – Results!


Hey there ACP

Today we logged on for the Great AUSIA Gathering – a free for all battle against 8 other armies – as the opening ceremony for the Aces of AUSIA tournament. We faced off against the other armies in the Snow Forts, throwing snowballs and charging around.


Max: 30

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[AUSIA] Changing of the Guard


Greetings knights, today we logged on to the 1-bar server of Mammoth for a fun knight event as part of our Royal WeekThis event was super fun and we managed to securely guard Mammoth maxing 50.

Max: 50

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Athchraoladh seachtainiúil ACP Deireadh Fómhair #20 DAY BEFORE TOMORROW..


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[UK] Battle vs. SWAT – Results

Hey ACP!

Today, we logged onto Alaska, CP Armies for a epic battle against SWAT! After doing several formations and creative tactics, we managed to successfully take home a 3-0 win. Thank you to our lovely HCOM for leading this awesome showdown. Shoutout to SWAT for putting up a good effort as well!

Max: 73
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[UK] PoG Lead Event – Results!

HELLO there ACP!

Today the amazing ACP Guardian Mchappy was asked to lead the event where we charged around the island doing various tactics and forms. Be sure to react in #event-chat if you attended!

Max: 40

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