[UK/US] Project Conquest Launched With Operation: Clover Conquest

ABOMINABLE, ‘Clover Conquest‘ –  Today ACP logged onto the server Abominable to prepare for the start of Project Conquest with an ACP exclusive ‘Clover Conquest’. Great fun was had by all today and big well done to Spotty and Kyle for leading part of this event alongside Max! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our events this week!

Max: 48

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[US] – Back to the Past – Results!

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Hey there ACP!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent – Town as we maxed 39! We had this fun event where we dressed up as cave penguins and did some quirky word tactics to match the theme. As we headed over to the last room, in the mines, we finished up the event by playing the game, Cart Surfers! Congratulations Major Tasty for winning the Cart Surfer contest!

Max: 39

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[US] Operation: Doomsday – Results!

Hey ACP!

We logged on to Club Penguin, Ascent – Town once again for another great practice event. We did amazing with those quick tactics during the event and quick room changes that we did towards the end of the event. We hit a Max of 44, great job guys! There is a BIG Battle coming up tomorrow and don’t miss out on the opportunity to go against our brother allies, The Doritos!

Max Size: 44

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[US] Delta Training – Results!

Afternoon ACP!

We had a good Delta Training Event. We logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent – Town. We had a pretty good turn out for this event and Maxed 30. We did lots of tactics and formations. This event is getting us ready for the big Mystery Event that we have going on Saturday, 15th! Make sure you don’t miss it! Also, big thanks to Field General Nacho and Colonel Bailey for VC Leading our event!

Max: 30

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[UK/US] Battle vs. Silver Empire – Results

Good afternoon ACP!

We logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten Ascent – Town for a fun battle against Silver Empire! We had a pretty good size average and maxed 31! Field Marshal Max lead us with really good tactics that stood out and covered them. Also shout out to Spotty and Agent frog who VC lead, great job guys.

Max: 31

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[UK] Mission: Brain Freeze – Results!

Hey, ACP!

Today we logged onto the 1-bar server Ascent for our UK/US ice cream event, and quite unfortunate some of us got brain freeze during the event. We reached a maximum size of 44 penguins. We did fantastic work, and had lots of fun. Good work, ACP!


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[US] Battle vs. PIC – Results!

Hey there. ACP!

Today, we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, went onto Ascent – Town and ended in the Stadium. We had a battle against People’s Imperial Confederation! We maxed out at 31 Penguins! It was a good battle against them. Afterwards, we did a fun game of Connect 4. Well done today and hope everyone had a fun time at the US Battle.


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[US] WRFT: Diligence- Results!


Heya, ACP!

Today our spectacular US division logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a training event as part of our Operation: We Rise From This! We took the opportunity to practice our movements and quick room changes in this training session.

Max: 42

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[US] Games Tournament with Silver Empire – Results!

Hello ACP!

Today our US division logged on to Ascent, CPRewritten for our Games Tournament with Silver Empire event! After having a short practice battle with the Silver Empire for 10 minutes, we played Connect Four and Cart Surfer next for 10 minutes each. Here are our winners:

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[US] International Women’s Day Celebration

Hello ACP!

Today our US division logged on to Ascent, CPRewritten for our International Women’s Day Celebration! We maxed 43 while wearing the colors purple, green, and white in honor of this special day. Great job everyone!

Max: 43

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