[AUSIA] Clover Empire host Nacho’s Fiesta

MARSHMALLOW, ‘Nacho’s Fiesta’ – Yesterday, we logged onto Marshmallow to host our event dedicated to the Nachos! We had lots of fun and did great tactics. Thanks to all who came and took pictures!

Max: 19

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[UK] Clovers Melt The Ice Once Again in Intense Battle

ASCENT, ‘Operation: Melt the Ice’ – Hey there ACP! Earlier today we logged on to the server Ascent for our practice battle against the Ice Warriors and once again we proved to be victorious! Thank you all for coming today and let’s make sure to keep up the good work for our next event!

Max: 17

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[AUSIA] An Enchanting Magician Parade

Crystal, “The Magicians March” – Hello everyone! Today our AUSIA Division logged onto Crystal on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Magicians March event! Led by wonderful Brigadier General Annie (Big Jamal), we began in the Town before finding our way to the Snow Forts and the Mine Shack! The Clover Defenders performed phenomenally with a max of 26 online, carrying out our magic-themed tactics with ease. Be sure to check out the pictures from the event below as well as upcoming events in the #events channel!

Maximum Size – 26

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[AUSIA] Clovers battle Vikings

ASCENT, “ARMY OF CP vs. WATER VIKINGS” –  Hi ACP! Today our AUSIA division logged on for a short friendly Practice Battle with our Brother Allies, the Water VIkings! We hit a maximum size of 20 Troops online, had a friendly 10 minute battle with the Norse Army, and ended with a fun Connect Four! Make sure to check out the pictures from our battle!

Maximum Size – 21

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One Last Time- The Retirement of Sanya!

This was a very hard post to write, but my time has come… I joined the Army of CP on April 21st, 2020, when I was chilling in chat as a visitor. I first DMed Kailey133 to join because I wanted to join ACP for awhile cause my friends wanted me too and I ended up getting the rank of private, LOL. I thought I would be in ACP was just going to be that random server stage where I join an active server, stay for a few weeks and leave and just forget about it. But no, it wasn’t… There were so many amazing people I met there and instantly fell in love with, and I was able to make friends who taught me how to be a much better person. From seeing cherry’s hilarious shipping names in the main chat, Kailey310 with her clovers, and being reunited with my old friends like Bschar and Robot ❤

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[UK] Clovers Melt Ice Once More in Exciting Practice Battle

Ascent, “Practice Battle with Ice Warriors” – Hey there ACP! Today, the Clovers’ UK division logged onto CP Rewritten for a friendly practice battle against the Ice Warriors. We reached a maximum size of 28 troops, and had a lot of fun together we practiced inside the Stadium for our first room and we finished the battle at the Iceberg.

Maximum size – 28

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[UK] Clovers Face Templars Once More in Exciting Practice Battle

Ascent, Town– Hello ACP! Today our UK division logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to have a battle against our enemies the Templars of CP. We did some warmup tactics in the town before moving into the Stadium and ending the battle in the berg. This battle was led by our two leaders CSY and Cubster and after this event our Field Marshal Kailey hosted a fun running game! Thank you to everyone who came today and helped us secure another victory against the Templars!

Max: 39

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[AUSIA] The Army of CP Hosts Fun Igloo Raid!

Ascent, ‘Igloo Raiding Rave’– Today our AUSIA division logged on to Ascent-Town we started off at town then we moved over to help our troops earn the Party Stamp by raiding their igloos. This event was led by CSY, Cubster and Sanya. We were able to maximum size of 30 penguins for this event and at the same time we had tons of fun! <3, Congratulations to everyone who earned the Party Stamp Igloo and thank you to everyone that attended.

Max: 30

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[AUSIA] Clover Band Rocks Out In AUSIA Event!

ASCENT, Operation: Penguin Band- Hey there ACP! Today we logged onto Ascent- Town for a fun Clover Band Event where we had tons of fun! Our first room was in the town then we proceeded to go to the Giftshop and we ended the event where we all went to the lighthouse where we proceeded to play a fun game where we were able to display our awesome band skills. Congratulations to each and every one of you who were able to show off their skills and we were able to learn the power of team work! We were able to reach a max size of 25

Max: 25

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Cool Club Penguin Christmas Pictures

Hey everyone,

I thought since it’s Christmas I would make a post or two sharing some vintage and simply cool Christmas pictures related to Club Penguin! Below you’ll find fan made art, interesting rooms, and even some ACP related memories. This post has a total of 30 pictures.Hope you enjoy a bit of a blast to the past this post may bring, and have a very Merry Christmas!

christmas acp

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