[EUSIA] The Clovers Shine With Awesome Costumes For Costume Party

ASCENT, “Costume Party” – Hey, ACP! On December 30th, the AUSIA and UK divisions of the Clover Defenders logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a fun costume party where we reached a size of 16 penguins online! In this party, we started in the town, then we moved to the iceberg and we finished in the stage, where we had a fashion competition with many creative and amazing costumes, everyone did a great job in this event, here are some pictures of the party! ♡

Max size: 16

Thanks to everyone who attended this party! Remember to check the #events channel for our next events, and comment if you attended this event 💚🍀


ACP Co-ordinator

[UK] The Vengeance Alliance Reunites

ASCENT, “Vengeance Practice Battle” – Hey, ACP! Today, the UK division of the Clover Empire logged on for a practice battle with other armies of the Vengeance Alliance, HF and PIC, and we reached a maximum size of 8 penguins online! For this battle, we started in the docks, then we moved to the snow forts, after that we headed to the stadium, then we went to the beach and we finished in the iceberg with a fun trivia about Club Penguin, which was won by Help Force! Everyone did an amazing job today, now here are some pictures of today’s battle!

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[EUSIA] Invasion of Antarctic

ASCENT, ‘Invasion of Antarctic’ – Hey there ACP! Today we logged on as part of the vengeance alliance once again to invade yet another piece of land from the Silver Empire! We managed to come out on top with them pulling a no show on us.


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[UK/US] Clovers meet Ice in Ancient Egypt Themed Battle

Marshmallow, ‘Ancient Egypt Battle’ – Good evening ACP! Earlier today, we logged on to Marshmallow for our fun Ancient Egypt themed battle against the Ice Warriors. The Clover Empire (Pharoah’s) and the Ice Warriors (Mummies) went head to head in three rooms; the stadium, the cove and the iceberg. Tons of fun was had today and thank you all for coming!

Max: 16

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[AUSIA] Clovers Host Exciting Propeller Event!

ASCENT, CPR Party– Hey There Clovers! Today our AUSIA Division logged onto Ascent for a fun propeller event where we were able to show the community that we were the best propellers in CPR!, This event was led by General Sanya and General Sidie! Make sure to comment down below if you came

Max: 19

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[UK] Army of Club Penguin Battles Against Wet Army Penguins


Sleet, Battle Against Wet Army Penguins – Hey ACP! Today we had a battle against Wet Army Penguins! We equipped our precious uniforms and begin to do warm-ups at Town! Then the battle begun! We went to stadium and then battled our way to docks and mine! Everyone did a great job, along with Jesus’s amazing leading! 🙂

Max Size: 20

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[AUSIA] Clover Empire host Nacho’s Fiesta

MARSHMALLOW, ‘Nacho’s Fiesta’ – Yesterday, we logged onto Marshmallow to host our event dedicated to the Nachos! We had lots of fun and did great tactics. Thanks to all who came and took pictures!

Max: 19

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[UK] Clovers Melt The Ice Once Again in Intense Battle

ASCENT, ‘Operation: Melt the Ice’ – Hey there ACP! Earlier today we logged on to the server Ascent for our practice battle against the Ice Warriors and once again we proved to be victorious! Thank you all for coming today and let’s make sure to keep up the good work for our next event!

Max: 17

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[AUSIA] An Enchanting Magician Parade

Crystal, “The Magicians March” – Hello everyone! Today our AUSIA Division logged onto Crystal on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Magicians March event! Led by wonderful Brigadier General Annie (Big Jamal), we began in the Town before finding our way to the Snow Forts and the Mine Shack! The Clover Defenders performed phenomenally with a max of 26 online, carrying out our magic-themed tactics with ease. Be sure to check out the pictures from the event below as well as upcoming events in the #events channel!

Maximum Size – 26

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[AUSIA] Clovers battle Vikings

ASCENT, “ARMY OF CP vs. WATER VIKINGS” –  Hi ACP! Today our AUSIA division logged on for a short friendly Practice Battle with our Brother Allies, the Water VIkings! We hit a maximum size of 20 Troops online, had a friendly 10 minute battle with the Norse Army, and ended with a fun Connect Four! Make sure to check out the pictures from our battle!

Maximum Size – 21

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