[UK] Oagalthorp’s Battalion Ravages Blues In Dojo Battle

ASCENT, ‘Oagalthorp’s Battalion‘ – Today the Army of CP logged on to the server Ascent for their OG style dojo battle against the Blue Ravagers Incorporated! Before the battle we warmed up in the forts and town so we could be prepared for the battle! With our large size and variety of tactics, we managed to defeat B.R.I in the battle!

Max: 45

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[EUSIA] ACP Goes Back In Time For Operation: Prehistoric Warriors


Hello, ACP!

Today the Clover Penguins CPR’s AUSIA and UK divisions logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten for our Operation: Prehistoric Warriors! We did fun dinosaur tactics and amazing formations, also, we entered the Time Trekker and travelled in time, this Operation was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job today!

Max: 44


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[UK] Clover Catering Takes Over the Island

Hello, ACP!

Today we logged onto Ascent on CPRewritten in work aprons to cater food through fun emotes and unique formations. Afterwards we had a friendly competition through Pizzatron to see who could make the most pizzas. Epicvr won this competition with 38 pizzas sold!

Max: 30

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[US/UK] Soldiers Salute Guardian Boomer ‘Afro Guy’ 20 with a Bad Hair Day

ASCENT, ‘Operation: Bad Hair Day‘ – Today, the ACP logged on to salute Boomer20, also known as Afro Guy, with a bad hair day, Although, we didn’t hit our max size, we had tons of fun and played a fun of game of Four Corners hosted By McHappy! Hope you all had fun today and make sure you’re around for our next event!

Max: 33

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[UK] The Return of Alpha vs. Echo

Hello, ACP!

Today we logged onto Abominable for an exciting event for the return of Alpha and Echo, our two divisions! Both divisions competed against one another in tactics and formations. At the end of the event, the Echo division members were declared as the winners of the day due to their strong tactics and formations.

Max: 36

Yeswhy (middle of max size pic) doing tactics in another room

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[UK] Clover Conquest Results in ACP Victory of Magma Clan

Ascent , “Clover Conquest” – Hey there ACP! Today we logged on to CP Rewritten to face off against the Magma Clan for their server, Methana. We were able to come out victorious in this battle, so we gained a new server! We had quite a few new troops show up to our first Clover Conquest Battle of the summer! Thank you to everyone that came!

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[EUSIA] New ACP ‘EUSIA’ Launched With Outstanding Operation

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation EUSIA’ – Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline for the launch of their EUSIA division with Operation: EUSIA. We had many new troops join us on our adventure today and had great fun! Thank you all for coming today!

Max: 46

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[UK/US] Project Conquest Launched With Operation: Clover Conquest

ABOMINABLE, ‘Clover Conquest‘ –  Today ACP logged onto the server Abominable to prepare for the start of Project Conquest with an ACP exclusive ‘Clover Conquest’. Great fun was had by all today and big well done to Spotty and Kyle for leading part of this event alongside Max! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our events this week!

Max: 48

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[UK/US] Army Community Makes History With Pride Parade Celebrations

ASCENT, ‘Community Pride Parade’ – Today we made army history. For the first time ever, we held a community-wide Pride Parade, at which armies put aside their past differences to come together to celebrate our beautiful LGBTQIA+ community. We brought Ascent to 3 bars and were even joined by several CPR mods who wanted to support our parade! Well done, all!

MAX: 40

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[UK/US] This Is Us! Celebrating Diversity With Parade Through Ascent

Hey ACP!

Today, our UK Division were joined by our US Division as they logged on to CPRewritten‘s Ascent for our Diversity Parade.

With leading including a selection of equality based tactics from Max, Tasty, Tsanami, Tia and I, the event shaped up to be an amazing demonstration of ACP’s diversity and acceptance! Added to the VC leading from Spotty and I, the event was enjoyable for all!

Max: 42

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