[UK] Clovers Goes Mad On DV

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: March Madness Practice”– Good evening ACP! Yesterday on Friday, March 10th, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for an invasion of Yet, a practice battle with the Dark Vikings, and also to practice for our important March Madness battle on Sunday! We met up in the Town before switching to the Docks for our first room.

The first tactic ACP employed was a bunch followed by an immediate transition into an upside-down V. We used flickers and big word bubbles to cover up the Dark Vikings, and when they asked us if we were “ready to lose” we replied with a hearty “No.” Troops then moved into a “DOWNFALLwaterfall tactic, then bunched in the bottom middle to transition into a plus formation, utilizing more big word bubble and emote tactics. The Dark Vikings decided to try to cover up our plus sign by also moving into the same formation, but ACP prevailed!

The next room was the Mine, where we quickly moved into a V formation with lots of clovers. We did another waterfall with a big word bubble tactic using ACP phrases and did a wipe with emotes. Dark Vikings soon logged off, but we stayed online a bit longer to practice for March Madness. We did a plus formation with emotes and word bubbles, and then moved to the Iceberg to finish practicing our X formation with emotes, followed by bunching in the middle, and then moving into a diagonal formation all while doing big word bubbles and emotes in a diagonal line.

Thank you to Calgo for leading, and AOL, Alemax, Coolguy, Cabin, and Lirri for taking event photos!

Max Size: 21

Max Size Picture:

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[USA] The Clovers Face Off Against Templars

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Battle: ACP vs. Templars”– ¡Hola ACP! Today, our USA division logged onto CPA Battleground in the server Battleground for a battle against Templars. For this battle, we started at the town to get our troops ready for the battle, then we moved to inside the mine to start with our battle and for our second and last room we went to the stadium, where we continued fighting against our rival with a wide variety of tactics and formations. Thanks to Templars for having this amazing battle with us and to our troops for attending today, getting us a max of 18 penguins online!

Max Size: 18

Max Size Picture:

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[USA] Clovers Challenge the Ice Warriors

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: IW Practice Battle”– Good evening, ACP! Today on Friday, January 6th, our USA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for a practice battle against the Ice Warriors. We started in the stadium, then finished in the docks battling it out in two ten-minute rooms. We had a lot of great tactics while battling IW, who put up a great fight. Thanks to IW for coming to battle us.

Max Size: 14

Max Size Picture:

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle Vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Klondike, “Army of Club Penguin VS. Rebel Penguin federation Battle”– Greetings, Army of Club Penguin! Today, on October 22nd, our AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground on Klondike for a practice battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation. We started on Iceberg, battling RPF in 3 rooms: Stadium, Iceberg, and finishing in the Mine. We had a great effort of 12 Penguins online.

Max size: 12

Huge thanks to all that attended today’s practice battle! Make sure to check the discord server for upcoming events!


ACP Major General & Shamrock Reporter

[UK] Army of CP Face SWAT in Battle

ABOMINABLE, “Practice Battle with SWAT”Greetings ACP, hopefully yall are doing decent. Today, the Clover Penguin’s UK Division logged onto the 1-bar server Abominable for our practice battle against SWAT. Our troops did well, and we also managed to reach a maximum size of 17 penguins. Thank you to every ACP troop who attended the battle, thank you to SWAT for the practice battle. Don’t forget to take a look at the battle pictures below!


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[AUSIA] PB with the BDK

Marshmallow “PB with Bose DK”– Hello ACP! Today the AUSIA division logged onto Marshmallow for an exciting practice battle with the Bose DK. We started from snow forts, and then headed to the docks, following by inside mine! Most of the tactics were for fun purposes and not to offend anyone. We reached a max of 11 penguins and enjoyed the event! If you didn’t understand the tactics, scroll further down since there will be event pics followed by translation.

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[UK] Army of CP Face Help Force in Battle and Games Tournament

ASCENT, “Operation: Games Tournament with HF” – Hey hey ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s UK Division logged on server Ascent for a short practice battle against our brothes allies Help Force, which was fun. We reached a maximum size of 32 penguins, and everyone did amazing work with tactics & formations throughout. Once the practice battle was over, our games tournament vs the Help Force had begun, starting with trivia. It was a quite tight game, but the clovers managed to win trivia. After that, we moved onto hide and seek game, and this time, it became a tie. The last game of our games tournement was a skribbl game, we all had lots of fun together, but it resulted a win for Army of Club Penguin, meaning we won the whole tournament. Much love to our brother allies for the fun experience, and thank you to everyone who attended!

MAX: 32

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[EUSIA] Friendly Battle Between The Clovers And Red Ravagers

ASCENT, “Practice Battle with Red Ravagers” – Hey there ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s EUSIA Division logged onto CPRewritten for our friendly practice battle against our allies Red Ravagers. We reached a maximum size of 26 penguins, and had lots of fun together. After the practice battle was over, we decided to host a Find Four tournament, and a huge congratulations to Calgocubs, angelz & Manik for being the champions at Find four. Thank you to everyone who attended, and much love to our allies for the fun practice battle!

MAX: 26

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[UK] Oagalthorp’s Battalion Ravages Blues In Dojo Battle

ASCENT, ‘Oagalthorp’s Battalion‘ – Today the Army of CP logged on to the server Ascent for their OG style dojo battle against the Blue Ravagers Incorporated! Before the battle we warmed up in the forts and town so we could be prepared for the battle! With our large size and variety of tactics, we managed to defeat B.R.I in the battle!

Max: 45

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs. Peoples Imperial Confederation – Results!

Happy Friday, ACP!

Today we logged onto the 1-bar server Ascent for our AUSIA practice battle against our lovely allies People’s Imperial Confederation. We reached a maximum size of 53 penguins. We did amazing work, and had lots of fun. Well done to ACP for earning 12 clovers each, and passing the size goal. Also, remember to react in #events, and #spring-fling if you can attend!


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