[UK] Ice Melted in Exciting ACP vs. IW ‘Blitz Battle’

ASCENT, Battlefield – Today our UK division went head-to-head with the Ice Warriors in an exciting ‘blitz battle’ – in which the two forces battled in four rooms across 20 minutes. We fought well in the Ice Berg, Inside Mine, Stadium and Snow Forts, peaking at a maximum size of 37 soldiers. Excellent work to all and thank you to the Ice Warriors for a fantastic battle!


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[UK] Fun Battle: Army of Club Penguin Against Fire Warriors

Ascent, ‘Mission – ACP VS. FW’Hey there ACP, we logged onto Ascent Town today and had a fun battle against Fire Warriors. Our first room for warm ups were in Town, then we moved to the Stadium for our second room, then went to the Iceberg for our third room, and for our last and final room, we moved to Snow Forts. We had a good Max Size of 33! Our turn out was amazing with our good word tactics done from our Higher Command team. Good Job today, hopefully everyone had a good time!

Max Size: 33

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[UK] Army of CP Face Help Force in Battle and Games Tournament

ASCENT, “Operation: Games Tournament with HF” – Hey hey ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s UK Division logged on server Ascent for a short practice battle against our brothes allies Help Force, which was fun. We reached a maximum size of 32 penguins, and everyone did amazing work with tactics & formations throughout. Once the practice battle was over, our games tournament vs the Help Force had begun, starting with trivia. It was a quite tight game, but the clovers managed to win trivia. After that, we moved onto hide and seek game, and this time, it became a tie. The last game of our games tournement was a skribbl game, we all had lots of fun together, but it resulted a win for Army of Club Penguin, meaning we won the whole tournament. Much love to our brother allies for the fun experience, and thank you to everyone who attended!

MAX: 32

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[UK/US] Dinosaur Destruction Prehistoric Event

Ascent, ‘Operation: Dinosaur Destruction’ – Today, ACP logged onto Ascent Town to do a fun Dinosaur event! We all went through different parts of the new Prehistoric Map, they have in the Time Machine to try and get all the eggs to dress up as T-Rex’s and headed to Iceberg. Did some fun tactics and good formations along the way! Hope you guys had a good time at the event!

Max Size: 43

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[EUSIA] Rainbow Clovers Lighten Up CPR

Ascent, ‘Rainbow Clovers’ – Today, we logged onto Ascent Town and did a fun event where we dressed up as a color of our choice, representing a prism. ACP did good tactics and formations in Town, Stadium and did a finding egg hunt in the prehistoric time machine to get all the eggs to transform into a dinosaur to do a race to the light house. Quick shout out to Pandino for winning the Race!

Max Size: 41

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[EUSIA] Clovers Carry Out “Mission: Fluffy the Fish”

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation: Fluffy the Fish‘ – Today the ACP logged onto the server zipline for their operation dedicated to Fluffy the Fish! We performed tactics and formations in the Town, Beach and Iceberg. Afterwards, an Ice-Fishing tournament was hosted, with the winners being Ash, McHappy, Tsanami and Epic VR. Congratulations to you all!

Max: 46

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[UK] Oagalthorp’s Battalion Ravages Blues In Dojo Battle

ASCENT, ‘Oagalthorp’s Battalion‘ – Today the Army of CP logged on to the server Ascent for their OG style dojo battle against the Blue Ravagers Incorporated! Before the battle we warmed up in the forts and town so we could be prepared for the battle! With our large size and variety of tactics, we managed to defeat B.R.I in the battle!

Max: 45

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[EUSIA] ACP Goes Back In Time For Operation: Prehistoric Warriors


Hello, ACP!

Today the Clover Penguins CPR’s AUSIA and UK divisions logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten for our Operation: Prehistoric Warriors! We did fun dinosaur tactics and amazing formations, also, we entered the Time Trekker and travelled in time, this Operation was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job today!

Max: 44


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[UK] Clover Catering Takes Over the Island

Hello, ACP!

Today we logged onto Ascent on CPRewritten in work aprons to cater food through fun emotes and unique formations. Afterwards we had a friendly competition through Pizzatron to see who could make the most pizzas. Epicvr won this competition with 38 pizzas sold!

Max: 30

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[US/UK] Soldiers Salute Guardian Boomer ‘Afro Guy’ 20 with a Bad Hair Day

ASCENT, ‘Operation: Bad Hair Day‘ – Today, the ACP logged on to salute Boomer20, also known as Afro Guy, with a bad hair day, Although, we didn’t hit our max size, we had tons of fun and played a fun of game of Four Corners hosted By McHappy! Hope you all had fun today and make sure you’re around for our next event!

Max: 33

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