[AUS] Clover Defenders take part in the Olympic Games

Zipline, “The Olympic Games– Hey, ACP! Today, the Clover Penguins’ AUS Division logged onto the server Zipline for our own Olympic Games consisting of three competitions: running, cycling, and  Following tactics at Town, a race took place where penguins ran from the Beach to the Cove with Stevos, Roxy, and Chek getting gold, silver, and bronze respectively. Next, we went to the Inside Mine for a cycling competition which resulted in Stevos, Daniel, and Max being the top three. For the last event of the Olympics, we went to the Docks for the last event with Belencita, Chek, and Nyoooooom coming out on top of the competition. With Stevos winning 2 out of the 3 events, he was declared the champion of the Olympic Games. Congrats to Stevos for winning and thank you to everyone who came!

MAX: 39

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[AUSIA] The Legend of Cubone Solved in Pokémon Extravaganza

ASCENT, ‘The Legend of Cubone’ – Today the Clover Empire logged onto the server Ascent for a Pokemon themed event dedicated to Cubone. Instead of donning the Roman Helmets, the army wore the Prehistoric Skull head item and traveled around three different rooms; the Town, Stadium and Snow Forts. Lots of fun was had also!

Max: 23

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[AUSIA] The Clovers Showing Support To Aunt Arctic

ASCENT, “Mission: Aunt Arctic” Greetings ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s AUSIA Division logged on server Ascent for our Mission: Aunt Arctic event. At this event, we all dressed as Aunt Arctic, and went around the Club Penguin Rewritten island on our mission, which was exciting. We reached a maximum size of 30 penguins, and had lots of fun together. Shoutout to those who attended, and congratulations for earning 3 clovers each!

MAX: 30

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[AUSIA] Clovers Dance their way Through a Mexican Fiesta

ASCENT, Mission: “Mexican FiestaHey there ACP! Today the Clover Penguin AUSIA Division logged on to CP Rewritten for our Mexican Fiesta mission! At we all dressed up in Mexican Attire to celebrate the culture of our fellow troops who identify within the Mexican culture. Once the event was over, we continued our celebration by hosting a Dance Contest! By the end of it, ave, a Specialist was able to come out victorious! We were able to achieve a max of 27 troops. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Max: 27

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[AUSIA] ACP Ravage the Reds in Ausia Conquest Battle

Shamrock Bulletin HQ, “Clover Conquest”Hey Hey, ACP! Today we logged onto the 1-bar Ascent for our Project: Conquest defense of Shamrock Bulletin HQ in AUSIA against our allies Red Ravagers. We reached a maximum size of 34 penguins and managed to defend our land with great success. We had lots of fun, did amazing tactics & formations throughout. Shoutout to every ACP troop who attended the battle, and congratulations for earning 20 clovers each!


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[AUSIA] ACP Invade Antioch From Templars

Crystal, “Land Invasion” – Hey there Army of Club Penguin! Yesterday, on June 25th, our AUSIA division logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten to do a land invasion as part Project Conquest against the Templars,. Before the invasion, we did warmup tactics in the Town before moving into the inside of the Mine for the beginning of the invasion. Since they Templars did not show up, we continued with the invasion by going to the Iceberg, where we ended our mission. This invasion was led by one of our Commanders in Chief, CSY and one of our Generals, Shane. Their leadership led the Clover Penguins to a successful invasion of the land Antioch!

Max: 33

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[EUSIA] Rainbow Clovers Lighten Up CPR

Ascent, ‘Rainbow Clovers’ – Today, we logged onto Ascent Town and did a fun event where we dressed up as a color of our choice, representing a prism. ACP did good tactics and formations in Town, Stadium and did a finding egg hunt in the prehistoric time machine to get all the eggs to transform into a dinosaur to do a race to the light house. Quick shout out to Pandino for winning the Race!

Max Size: 41

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[EUSIA] Clovers Carry Out “Mission: Fluffy the Fish”

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation: Fluffy the Fish‘ – Today the ACP logged onto the server zipline for their operation dedicated to Fluffy the Fish! We performed tactics and formations in the Town, Beach and Iceberg. Afterwards, an Ice-Fishing tournament was hosted, with the winners being Ash, McHappy, Tsanami and Epic VR. Congratulations to you all!

Max: 46

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[EUSIA] ACP Goes Back In Time For Operation: Prehistoric Warriors


Hello, ACP!

Today the Clover Penguins CPR’s AUSIA and UK divisions logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten for our Operation: Prehistoric Warriors! We did fun dinosaur tactics and amazing formations, also, we entered the Time Trekker and travelled in time, this Operation was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job today!

Max: 44


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[AUSIA] Clovers Tie With Silver in Invasion of Funny Bone

Crystal, “Clover Conquest” – Hello, Clover Penguins CPR! Today we went up against the Silver Empire in an AUSIA invasion of the server Funny Bone. The battle was a part of our Clover Conquest and ended in a tie. Room 1 went to Silver Empire, Room 2 was a tie, and Room 3 was an ACP win. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Max: 30

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