[AUSIA] Project Vengeance: Helping our allies with the invasion of Snow Angel

ASCENT, “Vengeance Invasion: Hello ACP! Today, the AUSIA division of the Clover Empire logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten in Ascent for the Operation Vengeance to help our allies the Help Force in war against Silver Empire. Firstly, we entered the Inside Mine with great speed. We continued with our great speed, tactics and formation in the following rooms- Stadium and the Iceberg. We had a max of 12 penguins from ACP. Sanya, Scorp, Diwix and Des were leading today’s event. Congratulations to our ally HF who won today’s invasion!

Maximum: 12

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[AUSIA] Clovers Host Exciting Propeller Event!

ASCENT, CPR Party– Hey There Clovers! Today our AUSIA Division logged onto Ascent for a fun propeller event where we were able to show the community that we were the best propellers in CPR!, This event was led by General Sanya and General Sidie! Make sure to comment down below if you came

Max: 19

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[AUSIA] Clover Empire host Nacho’s Fiesta

MARSHMALLOW, ‘Nacho’s Fiesta’ – Yesterday, we logged onto Marshmallow to host our event dedicated to the Nachos! We had lots of fun and did great tactics. Thanks to all who came and took pictures!

Max: 19

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[AUSIA] Clovers Reach The End of Summer

ZIPLINE, “5 Seconds of Summer” – Hello ACP! Today, the Clover Empire’s AUSIA Division logged on server Zipline for our summer event. We started off the summer vibe party by wearing our summer outfits, and went out for a swim at the Cove. After we finished swimming, we went to the Docks and decided to play Community Hydro-Hopper Game. As a community, our goal was to hit 3,000 points and shoutout to everyone who helped us reach the goal. We reached a maximum size of 32 penguins, and everyone did amazing work throughout. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the party below!

MAX: 32

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[AUSIA] The Army of CP Hosts Fun Igloo Raid!

Ascent, ‘Igloo Raiding Rave’– Today our AUSIA division logged on to Ascent-Town we started off at town then we moved over to help our troops earn the Party Stamp by raiding their igloos. This event was led by CSY, Cubster and Sanya. We were able to maximum size of 30 penguins for this event and at the same time we had tons of fun! <3, Congratulations to everyone who earned the Party Stamp Igloo and thank you to everyone that attended.

Max: 30

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[AUSIA] Clover Pizzas For Sale!

ASCENT, “Selling Pizzas Is Always Fun!” – Hello ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s AUSIA Division logged on server Ascent for our pizza event. We started off the pizza party serving clover pizzas around the island. After serving pizzas we waddled towards the Pizza Parlor together. After the party was over we decided to host a race around the island. Congratulations to Brandon567 for winning the pizza party race. We reached a maximum size of 27 penguins, and had lots of fun together. Take a look at the pictures taken from the party below!

MAX: 27

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[AUSIA] Army of Club Penguin Mops Until it Cannot Mop any Further

ASCENT, “Mission: Clean the Island” – Hi ACP! Today, Club Penguin Rewritten was joined by our AUSIA Division as they logged on for our Mission: Clean the Island event. We equipped out Mop and Bucket items and then toured the island, led by Commander in Chiefs CSY and Cubster. We concluded the event by visiting a number of members’ igloos to help them with their housekeeping!

Max: 29

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[AUSIA] The Legend of Cubone Solved in Pokémon Extravaganza

ASCENT, ‘The Legend of Cubone’ – Today the Clover Empire logged onto the server Ascent for a Pokemon themed event dedicated to Cubone. Instead of donning the Roman Helmets, the army wore the Prehistoric Skull head item and traveled around three different rooms; the Town, Stadium and Snow Forts. Lots of fun was had also!

Max: 23

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[AUSIA] ACP Ravage the Reds in Ausia Conquest Battle

Shamrock Bulletin HQ, “Clover Conquest”Hey Hey, ACP! Today we logged onto the 1-bar Ascent for our Project: Conquest defense of Shamrock Bulletin HQ in AUSIA against our allies Red Ravagers. We reached a maximum size of 34 penguins and managed to defend our land with great success. We had lots of fun, did amazing tactics & formations throughout. Shoutout to every ACP troop who attended the battle, and congratulations for earning 20 clovers each!


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[EUSIA] ACP Seizes Funny Bone From the Fallen Empire

Funny Bone, “Clover Conquest”– Hello ACP! Today we went up against our good allies the Silver Empire in a EUSIA Invasion to claim Funny Bone away from them. Both sides did extremely well but in the end of the day our size and speed was no match for the Silvers and we were able to secure yet another victory for the clover kingdom. Thank you to every soldier that came to our battle today where we were able to prove the true strength of the clovers and show them that we were able to take Funny Bone from them when many armies could not. Let’s keep the grind on and showcase our power again in our next invasion against the Silver Empire which will be the Invasion of Dragon Alley.

Max: 48


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