October 2020 Catalog Secrets – CPR Guide

Hola ACP!

Today, the new October 2020 CPR Catalog has come to a gift shop near you, with new secrets, a code and new postcards to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Party! Let’s go take a look! 

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September Fan-Art

Welcome to September’s Fan Art showcase! (dam its the end of the month already and hey its also ACPs birthday this month 14 years strong! anyways enjoy and make sure to comment your fav ones.
P.S this is the first fanart post I have done with Word-press and I hope it works out well if you wanna know the artist of an image just click on it!

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Shamrock Bulletin Investigates OSRS Rumors

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH— In a shocking turn of events, a new role was added to the Discord server over the weekend alongside a new channel #oldschool-runescape. Runescape is a role that designates those in the ACP clan on world 393 on the two decade old MMO. Is this a joke gone too far? What is going through Mchappy’s head? In this installment of the Shamrock Bulletin, we lazily investigate the inner workings behind this new role.

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ACP Civil War: A Busy Break Day (Day 5 Recap)


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – 24th December 1914. The Christmas truce saw an unofficial ceasefire between all armies on the Western Front, in which soldiers from France, Germany, Russia, Austria, and UK all came together to play football, exchange gifts and sing carols, before returning to all out war on the 27th. 
Break day was supposed to be that for us – an unofficial truce between Alpha and Echo, to enjoy games together – but war quickly broke out between the two divisions – this time, on a battlefield other than Club Penguin.

On 17th September, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin announced a break from all the battling, scheduling an array of games for both sides to take a break. However, in true competitive spirit, the Alphas and Echoes challenged each other to prove mastery over these games.
Game Challenge: Hardcore Cart Surfing
Okay but seriously, why is this mode called cart surfing? Where’s the water? The Alphas showed domination once again in this minigame, Chek proved his mastery over bootleg Temple Run with an insane score of 295350.
Chek‘s 1st place submission
2nd place: Mizzy, with a score of 91810

3rd place: Sawfishpro, with a score of 82000

War Score: 86

AUSIA: Agar.io
The Alphas continued their winning streak in games, literally engulfing the Echoes in a game of Agar.io, in which Chungus brought home the victory for the Alphas.

War Score: 87

UK: The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword (Skribbl.io)

In the ultimate test of drawing and guessing, a close match between the Alphas and the Echoes saw Yas (a traitor to the Echoes!!) come out on top, with Lily and Kimi coming close at 2nd and 3rd place.
War Score: 88

US: Queer Eye – A Fashion Show
Putting down the Viking Helmets, and removing the war gear for the day, the Echoes and Alphas went into a flurry of closet changes, in an attempt to win “best outfit” in multiple categories.
Category 1: Back to School 
Winner: Daniel

Category 2: A Day at the Beach

Winner: Yasmini
Category 3: Over the Rainbow
Winner: Kailey310

Category 4: Historical

Winner: Lily
Category 5: Division Pride
Winner: Chungus
And with a score of 32, the Echoes have been deemed the overall victors of the fashion show!
War Score: 98

We began today with a war score of 8-5 – but the Alpha proved their mastery over games today, catching up to an extremely close war score of 9-8 to the Echoes. With the Civil War continuing to rage on, will the Alphas eventually be able to pull ahead with their skills in games? Or will the Echoes eventually take home the victory?

Shamrock Bulletin Producer 
i just realized i can rank myself 

ACP Civil War: Days Three and Four Recap


MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – As war continues to wage on between Alpha and Echo, an unexpected turn of events have led to betrayals from both sides. Here, we recap all the battles and competitions between the divisions, and figure out which division is coming out ahead.

Day 3 (AUS): A Race Down Bunny Hill
Tuesday September 15th – Alpha and Echo took it to the AUSIA division to duel it out in the first ever AUSIA branch battle since ACP reopened. Echo hit a max of 19 troops whilst Alpha were not far behind with a max of 17 troops (max ACP = 38). In the first room, Echo were declared victors due to a size advantage, larger formations and faster tactics – but Alphas quickly caught up in terms of sizes in Room 2, covering the Echoes better.
This meant that Sled Racing would determine the victors of this battle – and Echo showed their poweress, with Daniel knocking out Cubby, Enigma knocking out Carmelo in the semifinals. Enigma ultimately won the point for the Echoes, leading to the war score of:
Day 3 (US): The Battle of Forms

Later on the day, the Alphas faced off once more against the Echoes in ACP’s first ever formation battle (max ACP: 41). With the final score literally neck in neck: 12-12, the Alphas eventually came out ahead by winning the tie breaker, taking home 2 points for their team.
Score: 53
Dough not mess with me: A Pizza making contest

With troops starving from all the battling, we all needed some  to regain strength – and so we put Alpha and Echo troops to the test in a Pizzatron contest. The winning team would win 1 point for their team.
1st place: Sawfishpro with his perfect pizzatron score
2nd place: Enigma
3rd place: Cuboid
The Alphas showed mastery over the elements of pizza making, winning this contest.
War Score: 54

Day 4: A Throwback to ’06

In an unexpected turn of events, Echo general Kailey, alongside 3 moderators, organized a betrayal against the Echoes – stating Max’s dominance over all aspects of event leading, as well as his obsession over Koloway to be the reason. (seems like max’s going to be the next sirplus )

With this sudden turn of events, the UK division faced off in an OG CPA style battle, where both sides attempted to assert dominance with snowball throwing skills…

With the Echoes peaking at 18 troops, and the Alphas peaking at 16 (max ACP: 37), the battle was eventually declared a TIE.

War Score: 65
Dissatisfied with the result of a tie, the Echoes challenged the Alphas once more to another OG CPA style duel This time, with Echoes peaking at 18 once more, and alphas peaking at 12 (Max ACP: 34), the Echoes took home the victory.

War Score: 85
With 4 days of Civil War underway, the Alphas have shown dominance in games whilst the Echoes have generally managed to keep their sizes up. Who will eventually be crowned the victorious division?

Shamrock Bulletin Reporter-in-training
got demoted by Kailey for “bias” against bagged milk in last post 
Still ACP Leader though

[SATIRE] Pungu’s 97.45% Accurate Review of Alpha

Civil War’s sure been tough so far, huh? 
For Alpha, that is!

We’re on our fourth day now, and Alpha’s attempts at winning have really turned out lacklustre. 
So.. Alpha. I know you’re all reading this in your HQ, screaming and raging at the facts I’m spitting.

Alpha HQ

My following words are directed to those Alphas. The ones who think spamming a giant paragraph of “RED ALERT” as hype would increase their chances of winning!

Look, Alpha. Look who supports Echo.

Famous Penguins are 100% Proven to favour Echo

Not only them, but someone else! Someone you should all respect.
The ACP Bunnyduck themselves!

Mr Google told me this, he’d NEVER lie! (Unlike Alphas)

I know that the people reading this will either be in Echo and want to laugh at something, or in Alpha and require saving. The following will convince you that Echo is obviously the best choice.

Alpha make their soldiers wear boots that are way too small, leading to “Alphaitis“, a form of chronic pain that you’ll definitely feel when you’re 80.
The “Mating Call” of the average Alpha Soldier. Wildly unattractive.
And now a tour of the aforementioned “Alpha HQ.” (I’ve gotten a secret inside source to get me this pictures.)
Alpha Canteen

Alpha Bathroom

Alpha “Games Room”

Alpha Dodgy Basement

As the final part of my review, I secured an Interview with a former Alpha soldier, who wishes to speak out against them.

And there I thought the licking stuff was just a meme….
As you can see, not the Team you’d want to be part of. 
Remember! If you’re in Alpha, require rescuing,and don’t want to be licked, make sure to contact a moderator and ask to become Echo! Also make sure to react in #civil-war-schedule or face being scarified to Keynikki’s weiners. 

Also please give me feedback, this was my first post e1e1e1e1
British Person who isn’t Max

ACP Civil War: Day One and Two Recap

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Capital – Amid recent rising tensions between the Alpha and Echo divisions, the Army of Club Penguin has been thrown conflict with the recent civil war. Read on to find out more about what happened in the first 2 days since the respective declarations.

On Saturday, September 12th, 2020, what initially began as a “Marvel takeover” event quickly devolved into an all out conflict. With troops in disarray and chat thrown into chaos, Max, in true Marvel: Civil War fashion, quickly declared war against the Alphas, stating reasons such as the Alpha’s bad tactics. Alpha quickly retaliated with a response, pointing out how Kailey has been parading “bagged milk” (As a fellow Echo, I must say that I too am appalled to hear such atrocities being committed by an Echo – milk, quite simply, doesn’t belong in bags.). With this, ACP was now officially at war.

This just shouldn’t be allowed.

Day 1: The First Battle
On Sunday September 13th, just one day after the declarations, the Alphas and Echoes faced off in the first battle of their civil war. Echo peaked 33 troops whilst Alpha peaked 22 troops – due to Echo’s size advantage (ACP + Echo + Alpha = 56), they won room 1 and 2, leading to the first Echo victory of the war.
War Score: 2-0-0 (E-A-T)
Day 2: The Find Four Dilemma (w/ Silver Empire)

Alpha and Echo faced off once more on the 14th of September – this time, with guests Silver Empire challenging the Alpha vs. Echo poweress. Echo dominated once again with a size advantage, peaking at 30 troops. Alpha put up a good fight in terms of smart formations and tactics, albeit only peaking at 18 troops (ACP + Alpha + Echo = 54). This led to the first 2 rooms to be declared an Echo victory.
However, the Alphas showed the Echoes that even with a size disadvantage, that they would be Alphas in terms of Find Four skill. With Tymatt making it to the finals, he won the Find Four aspect between Alpha and Echo, albeit losing to Ryan from SE in the end.
The Echoes, winning the 2 rooms, were awarded 2 points; Tymatt, upon making it to the finals, received 2 points for Alpha, making the Find Four battle an official Tie.
War Score: 2-0-1

The first two days saw good fights from both sides – despite the Echo seemingly having a size advantage, the Alphas have shown tenacity in terms of their tactics as well as intellect. Will the apparent underdogs, the Alphas, be able to climb their way up to the top? Or will the Echoes continue to dominate?
Real life pictures of Alpha battling Echoes

This report is sponsored by #ECHO
Shamrock Bulletin Reporter
ACP Leader

[SATIRE] How 2 Lead an ACP Event 101


Heya! People who still play a children’s game designed for 7 and up!

Sanya is back at it again! I’m here to teach you… HOW 2 LEAD AN ACP EVENT! Most of yall ask…



A Car

Financial Support

Unwavering Loyalty to a Children’s Game

A Poster of ACP in your bedroom

A Taco


A Mcflurry

A Computer with Keyboard



CSY/ Timothee Chalamet

Koloway’s 2837482993 Retirements


Step 1: You’ll need a computer! DUH but… Sanya what if I don’t have a computer?!?!? WELL! GET ONE. GET A CAR! AND HEAD 3KM EAST THEN YOU’LL BE AT WALMART! 

Me and CSY heading to Walmart with our Dope Car 😀

Step 2: Stop at Mcdonalds for a Mcflurry cause Sanya wants Icecream and CSY wouldn’t give me a sip of his drink and a bite of his taco smh

Step 3: Head over to Aisle 7 in Walmart and force CSY to pay for the computer cause he’s da leader of ACP! and ask the rubbish woman (shebyr) for help in buying da computer

Sheb is a Walmart worker who sells musicals and computers!!!

Step 4: Head Over to your house and install the computer and pray that you lead well so you won’t get couped and remember to EP!!!! 

So, to conclude this post CSY won’t let me bite his taco. Shebyr is a rubbish woman! Mcdonalds is good Rosiee is still a boomer. Sanya is the best at leading events!!! and uhhhh Buy me a Mcflurry, and ACP supports Walmart! that’s why ACP has so many recruits
I hope you enjoyed my super helpful tutorial!!! It’s very useful for anyone who wants to lead an event soon! Don’t forget to comment down below if you enjoyed it! And don’t forget to DM Sanya thanking Sanya for the super-duper useful tutorial!!! and don’t forget to buy me a mcflurry!!!!
To all the women I call rubbish @roxy @doink 🙂

August FAN ART


Header by mondo

Welcome back to zelly lovely showcase of ACP fan art! Make sure to comment if you got in or just comment on your favorite! Ready? here we go!

By myth by pungu


By mow By pan By doink

By Stevos

By Mow By africa

By mondo

By rusy By sanya


By blue0123 By bubbles

By henry

By hiivasivut By doink

By hollow By itsalexis By rusty

By myth By henry By nightfury By kailey310

By destro By cherry

By cubeoid By doink

By doink By henry 

By doink By pan

By pan By pan By doink

By enigma

By sanya By henry

By henry By pandito by baileybear 

By Nightfury By baileybear

By: Daniel, Cheko, Paixxe, Stevos, eatwater, Yetico, Kailey, Kailey310, Henry & Doink

By: Kailey, Fatchicken, henry, stevos, Doink, Daniel, Cheko, Kimi, Gib, Kailey310, cheerfulpanda & costalGMPS

ACP Field Marshal

Club Penguin Rewritten Update 28/08/20: New Pin + Field Op


Hey there ACP Shamrock Bulletin people,

The CPR Water Party is over but they added a couple of things to the Pet Shop, a Banana Pin, and a new Field Ops.

The pin can be found at the Pet Shop here:


The Field Ops can also be found in the Pet Shop, but first head over to the EPF Headquarters through the EPF Phone at the bottom left of your screen. If you aren’t in the EPF yet check out this post to find out how to join.

Once there, head over to the Field Ops computer then accept the Field Ops.

Now head back to the Pet Shop and stand at this very position:

Open your EPF Phone to begin the minigame.
The Field Ops minigame is simple, charge up all 4 of the batteries surrounding the map without being electrocuted by any of the red zapping things which will decrease the amount of power you are carrying (the green bar on your charging pod). Also, be wary of this green bar that is on your charging pod, if it runs out you will fail the mission. To recharge it head over to the charging bay that you began on. There is also one battery that requires a key, this key can be found somewhere on the map in the form of an orange circle with a key inside it.


Charging Bay

Once all batteries are charged the mission will end and you will be awarded medals that can be used to purchase Elite Gear.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped