Private Chats with New HCOM: Alucard

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – On December 24th ACP saw the addition of a new member to the HCom team following the ongoing hiring in ACP. The HCOM member we’d like to introduce to you is Alu!

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[ACP RECAP] Highlights of 2022

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin HQ — As we lead into a new year, it’s important that we recall the events that have led up to this point, and the progress that the army has made over the past 12 months. The Army of Club Penguin has undoubtedly had a climactic 2022 year, including the passing of a torch to new leader Calgocubs21 and the second declaration of war on Special Weapons and Tactics. So, overall, what were our major highlights, good and bad? Continue reading

Looking back on Vengeance Alliance

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – On October 13, 2021, the Army of Club Penguin leadership announced through a post, that we were going to help our brother allies, Help Force, in their war with the Silver Empire. As the Silver Empire was accused of multilogging, as well as encouraging the use of multiloggs, and the balance of the war tipping on the other side, we decided to help our brother allies, forming the Vengeance alliance.

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Troubled Allies War: Days 1-2

Since Club Penguin Armies seems to be dragging its feet lately, I felt compelled to deliver an update on what I have dubbed the Troubled Allies War. Although late, the community at large deserves to know where this war has gone in the last week, especially with the break for Christmas in the middle.

To keep things simple, I’ll go through the first two days of battles, which featured five battles, and the Circus Alliance against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Circus Alliance, consisting of the Templars, Army of CP, and Dark Vikings, has consistently been scheduling invasions against the Special Weapons and Tactics. In return, SWAT has gone toe-to-toe with the three-pronged alliance, hoping to secure new gains in their territory. Continue reading

ACP vs SWAT: The History

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – On December 20th, 2022, war was officially declared on Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) by the Circus Alliance, a group composed of the Dark Vikings, Templars of Club Penguin, and Army of Club Penguin, along with aid from our beloved allies, Help Force. But overall, what led up to this point? What’s the history between ACP and the current public enemy SWAT?

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Remembering Aces of AUSIA

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – Two years ago, the community took part in an AUSIA-centered tournament hosted by our very own army. It was an exciting format that enthralled a community that had lacked proper AUSIA representation for so long. Following an intense bracket, the finals saw the Army of Club Penguin face off against their closest allies: Help Force.

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ACP Presents: Double Deck the Halls

Addressed to Club Penguin Armies

MAMMOTH, Capital – I am pleased to announce that the Army of Club Penguin will be hosting the Double Deck the Halls battle, scheduled for November 26.

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WARZONE, “Practice Battle vs. SWAT”– Good evening ACP! Today, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Warzone for a 30-minute hectic practice battle against SWAT. We started off the battle with SWAT at the Underground Pool underneath Plaza, then we moved to the Dojo Courtyard as well as inside the Dojo. Eventually, the remainder of the event was fought at the Iceberg, where we went head-to-head against SWAT. Overall 20 of our troops showed up for this heated fight, and I’d like to thank SWAT for putting up a valiant effort!

Max Size: 20

Maximum Size Picture:

Event Pictures:

Thank you all for attending today’s practice battle! Can’t wait to see you at the next event!


ACP General

[AUSIA] Battle of Brothers – Results!

BATTLEGROUND, “Practice Battle vs. Help Force” – Hey ACP, today we logged on to Club Penguin Army Battlegrounds for a practice battle against our allies, Help Force. We logged on to Battleground Town and started off with battling HF in Snow Forts. Then, we battled in the Dojo for the remainder of the event. We had some excellent word bubbles and wipes, as well as formations.

Max Size: 17

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War on the Horizon: Mammoth Rightfully Reclaimed!

Good morning my fellow ACP troops! Today I am proud to announce our recent war, victories, raids, and newly forged alliance and debrief the major events that have occurred within the past several weeks.

Declaration of War & Victory

Over the course of the Legends Cup, there was one question that loomed over the heads of our Higher Command team and that question was what our next steps would be after the conclusion of the tournament. The simple answer was war. The cold hard truth is that we haven’t actively engaged in a war in almost a year since World War VIII let alone pursued it. Ultimately we thought it was about time we made a crucial change in ACP’s direction and gave our troops a taste of war.

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