CPR Guide – Music Jam Field Ops

[January 2020] Current CPR Pin location

Hey there,

ACP is here with the location of the first pin of 2020! You can find the Snowflake Tile pin outside the mine, its here till January 16th.
Here’s how it looks on the playercard:
Thank you for reading!
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CPR Advent Calendar 2019

 Season’s Greetings ACP 

Wanna know what’s more exciting than Christmas? The countdown till Christmas! CPR has made it even merrier by giving us a present from 14th till 25th in its Advent Calendar, you can find it in the forest. New items unlock at 12am PST.

Here is a list of all the items currently available, this list will be updated daily till 25th:

 14th December 

Note: You can get up to 99 rugs 

 15th December 
 16th December 
 17th December 
 18th December 
 19th December 
 20th December 

 21st December 

 22nd December 

 23rd December 

 24th December 

 25th December 

Note: Those who already had the gingerbread house from the previous party won’t be able to claim it again

 ❆ Bonus Reminder 

There’s a mystery present in the Better Igloos catalogue that can be unwrapped on 25th, after all, the only thing I love more than a sale is free stuff.

Edit: The mystery present has been revealed:

Its a free Make and Bake kitchen! You can pick up up to 99 of these.

ACP Winter/Christmas Igloo contest: Intriguing Igloo Ideas!

Hey ACP!

As you may know, ACP likes to have occasional igloo contests to allow everyone to get into the spirit of the season. This time, with the holidays around the corner, we’ll be having a winter/Christmas igloo contest. Now, when I think about this time of the year especially, I really enjoy going all out with my igloo (provided that my coin balance allows me to do so). But sometimes I wonder (and I’m many of you do as well): How exactly can I accomplish this? How should I approach this project? What should I do first?

Image result

These are all challenging questions, no doubt. But not to fear, Engineer King Mondo is here!

One step you can take, especially if you don’t have a clear idea for your design or a complete plan, is to do some research. You can go on CP Rewritten and try to stumble upon some holiday-themed igloos, or you can look up some older ones online.

For your convenience, I have already done a bit. Here are some cool igloo examples you can draw some inspiration from:

It appears someone has pulled into town with their reindeer!

Beautiful Bakery. Cozy, am I right?
Ice Rink Time!
Any ideas yet? If not, you can also look at the items you have and what is available in the catalog. Think creatively; anything is possible!
It is also helpful to consider how you can use certain items together to create the illusion of a structure, surface, scenery, etc. 
If an item looks like it could work as something else (in context), try it out and see what happens!

Here are some steps you can take before constructing your igloo and during the reevaluation process:
  • Sketch out some ideas and consider the layout, elements, item placement, and what you want visible (such as a pathway or open area), and what you may want to hide from view to make the igloo look more authentic.
  • Feel free to ask for suggestions! Engineers don’t build society on their own, after all; they work together to solve problems.
  • Make your igloo design your own. Add your own flair or style; it’s all up to you. After all, you live here, don’t you?
  • Have fun! This is a community event to share ideas and passion for our community. Go all out and get excited!
Let’s have an awesome time and see what we can come up with. I’m excited to hear your ideas and see that Club Penguin holiday spirit!
Immer Fortschreiten,
(Always forward)

King Mondo
ACP Legend & Advisor

CPR Guide: Winter Party Ice Sculptures!

Hey ACP!

With the end of November and the start of the final month of 2019, we enter into the last couple of days of the CPR Winter Party. Be sure to get your free Snowflake T-Shirt from the Plaza!

Below, I’ll share the sculptures currently on Club Penguin Rewritten (in case you don’t get a chance to see them on the island for yourself).

Starting at the Docks, the first ice sculptures are below:

Next, we have the ice sculptures currently at the Beach:

Ice sculptures at the Ski Village:

And finally, we have the last ice sculpture at the Ski Hill:

And that’s it! Well, those were pretty neat, am I right? I’d love to see more!

The Club Penguin Rewritten Team did a great job turning these fan submissions into ice sculptures, didn’t they? I’ve really enjoyed seeing these around the island and seeing the community make its mark. Well done to everyone that submitted and congratulations to the penguins whose drawings were selected to be on the island!

Share your thoughts about the party below or on the ACP discord server! I’d like to see a similar event in the future, maybe for the summer season. What do you think will be the next party to have fan submissions?

Enjoy the final few days of the party, and get ready for the annually awaited CPR Christmas Party!

Immer Fortschreiten,
(Always Forward)

King Mondo
ACP Legend & Advisor

CPR Guide: The GOLD Viking Helmet!

Hey ACP!

As you may have noticed, there’s a new play at the stage on Club Penguin Rewritten. The Haunting of the Viking Opera is back, along with Hector the Director, Helga, Inspector Bailey, the Glowing Ghost, Viking extras, and the Yellow Puffle of course!

But did you know there’s a secret item in the Costume Trunk catalog? The secret item is…
*drum roll*

The GOLD Viking Helmet!

To find the item, follow these steps:

     1. Head to the Stage & open the catalog
     2. Turn to Helga’s page (page 2)
     3. Click on the helmet above the “g” in “Viking” to reveal the Red Viking Helmet

         4. Close the hidden item card and open it 3 more times for the Blue Viking Helmet

         5. Once the Blue helmet shows up, click on Helga’s Viking helmet to reveal the special         super-duper secret Gold Viking Helmet!

    I hope you found this helpful! I don’t know about you, but I quite enjoy looking for these secret items and making these guides for you all to enjoy. If you’ve enjoyed, be sure to let me know below in the comments or on the Discord server!

    (March on)

    King Mondo
    ACP Legend & Advisor

    Club Penguin Cheats For Your Childish Needs

    Ever had that feeling where you wanted to cheat your way into Club Penguin even though it could ban your penguin forever? Get clothes that aren’t even on the catalog anymore, coins to buy useless clothes or maybe you just wanted to upgrade your igloo because everyone thinks it’s ugly.  Continue reading

    Club Penguin Rockhopper,Coins For Change,Catalogs & More Cheats!

    Hey ACP! First off I gotta warn you this is a heck of a post full of Club Penguin Cheats 😆

    To get the free item,the Candy Cane Hat all you need is someone to send you the Free Gift Postcard!

    Then once someone sent it to you open your mail and Accept the Gift!

    Send it to all your buddies and Celebrate Christmas!!

    Arr! Who is Herrre? Rockhopper Arrived with some rare items

    • Coins for Change Background (Free)
    • Tricorn Hat (350 Coins)
    • Silver Bell (75 Coins)
    • Coins for Change Banner (Furniture) (500 Coins)
    • Coins for Change donation Station (Furniture) (500 Coins)

    Now lets get on with the Coins for Change Cheats!

    Since 2007,Every year on December Club Penguin Donates 3 Million Dollars to 3 different causes that need it. To help decide the ammount of money every cause gets,we donate coins on booths located all over the island and this year,On your igloo!

    You may Donate 20,250 or 500 coins to any Cause all times you want! Just Remember,Any donation will be thanked!

    Here’s a map I made with the locations of the Coins for Change Donating Booths

    Here are the Cheats for the Better Igloos Catalog

    Here’s how to get the Secret Stone Igloo

    1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Igloo Catalog
    2. Click on the top right of the wood

    Here’s how to get the Secret Deluxe Stone igloo

    1. Open up the 8th Page of the Igloo Catalog
    2. Click on the Door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo

    Also Club Penguin came out with some new Music!

    And to continue celebrating this awesome Month,CP has added A Furniture & Igloos Catalog along with some Music! Remember to decorate your igloo and subscribe it to the judges when the time arrives!

    Lets start on with the Furniture Cheats

    Here’s how to get the Nutcraker:

    1. Open up the 1st Page of the Catalog
    2. Click on the blue bird the Santa Hat Snowman

    Here’s how to get the Small Christmas Tree:

    1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Catalog
    2. Click on the center of the Wreath

    Here’s how to get the Christmas Lights:

    1. Open up the 2nd Page of the Catalog
    2. Click on the blue bird the star at the top of the Tree

    Click on the bottom right of the Coffe table for the Wood Stove

    Click on the top of the Snow fortress for the Icicle

    Click on the right snow tower for the Fire Place

    Click on the brick for the Puffle jack o lantern

    Click on the window at the cottage for the Cauldron

    Click the tombstone for the Goofy Jack o Lantern

    If you look at the Dance Lounge located upstairs the Night club,you will find a strange Construction

    I’m Pretty sure this is the sled we’re gonna use for a Magic Travel just like the new Christmas Login Says!

    Happy Holidays!