[UK] The Return of Alpha vs. Echo

Hello, ACP!

Today we logged onto Abominable for an exciting event for the return of Alpha and Echo, our two divisions! Both divisions competed against one another in tactics and formations. At the end of the event, the Echo division members were declared as the winners of the day due to their strong tactics and formations.

Max: 36

Yeswhy (middle of max size pic) doing tactics in another room

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[UK] Clover Conquest Results in ACP Victory of Magma Clan

Ascent , “Clover Conquest” – Hey there ACP! Today we logged on to CP Rewritten to face off against the Magma Clan for their server, Methana. We were able to come out victorious in this battle, so we gained a new server! We had quite a few new troops show up to our first Clover Conquest Battle of the summer! Thank you to everyone that came!

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[UK] Ascent Lights Up In Rainbow Extravaganza

ASCENT, ‘Rainbow Extravaganza’ – Today our UK division soldiers logged onto Ascent to host an extremely colorful ‘Rainbow Extravaganza’ to kick off the Pride Month celebrations here at the ACP!

MAX: 30

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