[EU] ACP Defends Breeze: Clovers On A Streak!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Ice Breaker, “War On SWAT: Defense of Breeze” —  On December 23rd, 2022, the ACP-SWAT war continues, as the Circus Alliance, made up of four armies known as the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings, Templars, and Help Force, defend the land of Breeze. The UK division gathered in the town prepared to defend. A voice chat was led primarily by DV leader Krosive, who narrated tactics and room changes for the collective troops, to which over 25+ joined and listened. 

The event began at 12:00pm EST at the Docks, where the Circus Alliance entered first and began with bombing the room. The formation quickly turned into a plus, with rapid tactics overtaking SWAT. Then, the Circus Alliance changed into an upside V-formation, covering tactics incoming from SWAT. For the last few minutes left in the room, then Calgocubs instructed to go into a V formation and covered the majority of SWAT’s tactics.

The second room entered was the Snow Forts. The Circus Alliance got into a plus formation, providing full cover over SWAT soldiers. After doing some bombs, and well-crafted tactics, the formation changed to a backward L. Finally, the final formation for the second room was a V formation. Full coverage, well-crafted tactics, and speedy tactics in this room gave the Circus Alliance the win. For the final room, everything moved to Iceberg, swiftly and efficiently Calgocubs instructed the troops to circle the iceberg, providing big word bubbles to cover the opposing side. Troops then go into an L, fighting hard and strong against SWAT soldiers. Finally, the defense concluded with a chat bar line with a strong defense and defending off the opposing side, The Alliance worked hard and was able to defend against the snakes at Breeze. Overall, ACP maxed the size of 33, with the room picture captured by Major General AOL.

Max size: 33

Max size picture:

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