ACP Saga: July & August 2021

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events of July and August 2021!

You can read the full ACP Saga, which dates the Army of CP’s exploits from September 2019 to the present day, by clicking HERE


  • July 7th: The June Moment of the Month is declared: ‘CPAHQ’s Project: Conquest Sees The Clover Conquest Victory’.
  • July 7th: Flipoto is crowned June’s Troop of the Month.
  • July 10th: The ACP face off against the Help Force in a friendly Games Tournament.
  • July 13th: A battle heated up between ACP and the Fire Warriors. In attendance were over 33 ACP soldiers.
  • July 24th: Before the first round of Legends Cup XI, in a controversial decision the army pulls out in hopes of new tournament formats being explored.
  • July 26th: SAR, Special Artillery Regiment, is founded as a division and holds its first event with a max size of 37.

  • July 27th: Simultaneously with the Tokyo Olympics, ACP hosts an Olympic Games event with three different categories- running, cycling, and tactics. A total of 39 in size was recorded.
  • July 28th: ACP goes head-to-head with the Water Vikings with 31 in attendance.
  • July 29th: Mchappy, Panel of Guardians, releases a post advocating for changing the event type points in the current Top Ten formula used by news sites.
  • July 30th: 46th Leader of the Army of Club Penguin, Max, retires from his position after serving as leader for 2 full months.
  • July 31st: The ACP hosts a goodbye event for their leader Max where 44 people from around the community came together to celebrate his time at ACP.


  • August 3rd: The July Moment of the Month is declared: ‘Commander in Chief Max retires from ACP’.
  • August 6th: A friendly practice battle between the newly formed Secret Service army and ACP occurs with 28 green on the battlefield.
  • August 12th: ACP comes together with Help Force to show off a spectacular display of formation making. A peak of 28 was recorded once again.
  • August 12th: Dantsamuri is crowned July’s Troop of the Month.
  • August 20th: The Delta division is resurrected with much success in a one-time event that saw 21 done the uniform.
  • August 27th: The Clash of the Trainers is announced as Team Mystic vs Team Valor gets underway in the ACP server.

  • August 30th: Multiple members of the Higher Commander including leaders Csy and Cubby retire thus commemorating the end to the Golden Democratic era.
  • August 31st: Csy is rewarded the first Medal of Honor since ACP’s reformation in 2019.

What have been some of your favorite moments these past two months? Please feel free to let us know!

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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