ACP Saga: February & March 2022

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BREEZE, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The ACP Saga has been updated with all of the amazing events that occurred in February and March of 2022!

You can read the full ACP Saga, which dates the Army of CP’s exploits from September 2019 to the present day, by clicking HERE


  • February 1st: One of the first of many raids begins throughout the month by an enemy army. Nevertheless, while ACP was celebrating the Jungle Party, we had a size of 20 strong ready and not afraid to back down.
  • February 4th: The army logs on to face against old rivals, SWAT, in a practice battle that reaches a peak of 18 online to celebrate victory.

  • February 16th: The month’s tradition of facing against old opponents continues as our green battalion encounters RPF once more. A total of 20 troops log on for the action.
  • February 25th: Zeus announces the All-Star Game event where eventually 17 members faced off against one another via the Puffle Party’s constructions.
  • February 26th: In a close battle, 18 clover fighters go head to head against WV in our fiercest practice battle in February.


  • March 6th: Thanks to growing relations, we were able to schedule a practice battle, followed by a Roblox Takeover, with the IW. Overall, 11 members were in attendance.
  • March 7th: ACP General Faith retires from her position.
  • March 10th: It is announced by the community that another March Madness tournament will be held. Thus, the army takes to Ascent to begin training where 11 troops worked on their superior tactics.
  • March 19th: To celebrate the very best holiday on Club Penguin (St. Patrick’s Day), our clover defenders logged on with a size of 18 to spread leprechaun cheer to the rest of the island.

  • March 26th: Club Penguin Rewritten finally released Card Jitsu alongside the Ninja Party. Therefore, to properly celebrate, 12 of our finest ninjas logged on to practice their card jitsu.
  • March 27th: During the European time zone, our first match of the March Madness was scheduled to be held. Unfortunately we were up against strong opponents. Thank you to the 12 brave ACP that logged on to fight the good fight!

What have been your favorite moments these past two months? Leave a comment to let me know!

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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