[US] The Clovers Face Each Other in a Card Jitsu Tournament

CRYSTAL, “Card Jitsu Tournament” – Hello, ACP! On April 4th, the US division of the Clover Defenders logged on the server Crystal in CPRewritten for a Card Jitsu Tournament to become the best ninjas on the island. For this event, we had 13 penguins online, we started at the town, then we moved to the iceberg and we finished at the dojo, where we had our Card Jitsu tournament! After the event, we had an important announcement because Sebassotoo was promoted to General, joining the Higher Command of our army! Congratulations πŸ’š also, check the #staff-applications channel if you are interested in joining our staff team, now here are some pictures of the event! β™‘

Max size: 13

Thanks to everyone that attended this tournament! Remember to check the #events channel to see the information of our future events! πŸ’šπŸ€


ACP Co-ordinator

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