[EUSIA] ACP Goes Back In Time For Operation: Prehistoric Warriors


Hello, ACP!

Today the Clover Penguins CPR’s AUSIA and UK divisions logged onto Zipline on CPRewritten for our Operation: Prehistoric Warriors! We did fun dinosaur tactics and amazing formations, also, we entered the Time Trekker and travelled in time, this Operation was very fun and everyone did a wonderful job today!

Max: 44


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[US] ACP Defense of Ascent

Hey there, ACP!

Today, our US Division valiantly faced off against our long-time enemies, the Templars, in an attempt to defend Ascent.

Although Ascent fell to the Templars, this is not the end. Tomorrow at 9AM EST, the ACP will take our revenge by invading the server Alexandria from the Templars. Join us then and help in retribution against them.

Join us in our #★★clover-conquest★★ tomorrow, 9AM EST.

Max: 34

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[AUSIA] Exciting Land Invasion Against Doritos Ends in Victory

Crystal, “Land Invasion” – Today, we did a land invasion against the Doritos as part of Project Conquest. We did warm-up tactics in town and then began our invasion in the Mine. We continued at the Stadium and ended at the Beach. Our invasion was mod-led by Kyle with assistance from Cubster and Chicken, which led to an ACP victory in all three rooms!

Max: 31

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[AUSIA] Operation: Out of the Shade Event

ZIPLINE, ‘Out of the Shade’ Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline, as so many joined us for a great event that involved our cool shades and getting ready for some summer fun! We did some cheesy, fun tactics that went with our theme. After the event, we did some games, Cart Surfer and some Skribbl! Thank you all for coming and I hope everyone enjoyed it!

Max: 44

Remember about our event that is gonna be at 7 PM EST! Look in #events to see if you can come later today! Also, don’t forget to react in #invasion-schedule if you can come.


Field General

[AUSIA] ACP don their Pizza Outfits as part of Operation: Hot Sauce

ZIPLINE, ‘Operation: Hot Sauce –  Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline to show off their pizza outfits and hand out pizza to everyone on the island! Great fun was had by all today and let’s aim for another strong turnout at our events this week!

Max: 45

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[UK/US] Project Conquest Launched With Operation: Clover Conquest

ABOMINABLE, ‘Clover Conquest‘ –  Today ACP logged onto the server Abominable to prepare for the start of Project Conquest with an ACP exclusive ‘Clover Conquest’. Great fun was had by all today and big well done to Spotty and Kyle for leading part of this event alongside Max! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our events this week!

Max: 48

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CP Rewritten: New Coins Unlock Code Released

BLIZZARD. Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – A new code has been released which you can obtain 10,000 coins from! Read more to find out what the code is and how to unlock it!

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CPRewritten: May 2021 Igloo Catalog Secrets

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – The Better Igloos Catalog for May 2021 has dropped into Club Penguin Rewritten. Join us to find out where all the secrets are kept!

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Updated ACP Uniform: June 2021

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – With CPR’s newest catalogue comes the newest rendition of the ACP uniform. Read on for our official CPR uniform for June 2021!

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[AUSIA] Army of Club Penguin Clashes With Mysterious Aunt Arctic Group & Sidie Rangers in AUSIA Battle

ZIPLINE, ‘Mystery Battle‘ – Today ACP logged onto the server Zipline for their battle against an unknown army, which later became a mysterious Aunt Arctic group and Sidie Rangers. Although the Sidie Rangers never showed, great fun was had battling it out with the mysterious Aunt Arctic group! Let’s aim for another strong turnout at our Diversity Parade later today!

Max: 35

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