[AUSIA] The Inauguration of Mchappy’s Homecomings

ASCENT, “Mchappy’s Homecoming” – Hello, ACP! On April 8th, the AUSIA division of the Army of Club Penguin logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for the first Mchappy’s Homecoming! During this event, we had 14 penguins online! We started in the town, then we moved to the ski village, after that we went to the ski lodge to play Find Four and to finish we played Mad Libs! Also, remember that this was just the first Mchappy’s Homecoming so get ready for more! Now, here are some pictures of the event!

Max size: 14

Thanks to everyone that attended this event! Remember to check the #events channel for our future events! 💚🍀


ACP Co-ordinator

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