[AUSIA] Clovers Battle HF – Results!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Battle: ACP vs. Help Force” — Good morning ACP! On Saturday, April 29, our AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for a practice battle with our brother allies, Help Force! We met up in the Town before switching to the Iceberg.

Max Size: 31

Max Size Picture:

Troops opened up with a big word bubble bomb of “ACPAUSIA” before moving into an upside down T formation. We did some emote flickers, phrase tactics, and more emotes before bunching in the top left. ACP then spread out into a plus formation with the clover emote and another emote flicker of suns and moons. The next tactic was “DESIREUS YOUR NAME IS SOMETHING ID GIVE IN A SPELLING BEE NGL” before doing a few more big word bubbles and phrases. Everyone then switched to Inside Mines for the next part of our practice battle.

Inside the mine, we opened up with a “FRAUDULENT” big word bubble bomb. The first form we got into was a V formation, utilizing the mighty clover emote. A puffle pizza emote flicker was utilized along with a few more tactics before troops raked the room with “WE ARE GOING TO STEAL YOUR COCONUTS.” I then led ACP in a star shaped wipe of the room utilizing various emotes before having us go into an X formation. We then did a “CRAIGSLIST MAGICIANS” big word bubble tactic followed by “FEETGUIN OR HANDGUIN YOU DECIDE” along with the money emote before switching to a waterfall bomb while yelling “NO AMOUNT OF VISITOR SACRIFICES WILL GIVE YOU A WIN.” ACP practiced our upside down V formation again with some popcorn emotes, phrase tactics, and more emotes as we got more troops online. We moved into a backwards L formation with an “ARMIEOFCP” big word bubble, but due to our growing size we switched it to a right triangle formation. Everyone was then able to log off after having completed a successful practice battle!

Thank you to Calgo, Austin, and Coolguy for leading with me, and to Calgo for helping me lead over voice chat. Shoutout to Nefe, Coolguy, AOL, Cubster, Agalpa, Alemax, and Austin for taking event photos!

Event Tactics Pictures:

Room 1: Ice Berg

Room 2: Inside Mine

Special shoutout to our loyal troops who attended:

  • Calgo will update when he finishes attendance logs

If I missed your name, please message me so I can update the list.

Thank you all for attending today’s AUSIA event! Can’t wait to see you at our next event later this week, and the Ausia Arena tournament coming up.

March on troops!


Pronouns: (they/them/their)

ACP General

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  1. lets go mads 🔥🔥

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