Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Battle: ACP vs People’s Imperial Confederation”– Good morning ACP! Today on Thursday, April 6th, our AUSIA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for a practice battle with our allies, the People’s Imperial Confederation! Troops met up in the Town whilst the event was delayed for ten minutes, but we soon moved to the Snow Forts to begin our battle.

Max Size: 24

Max Size Picture:

ACP began with a plus formation and were the first to enter the room, executing tactics such as “PICWHERE?” and “GOOD MORNING PIC, HOW ARE WE DOING TODAY?.” We then bombed “AUSIASTRONK” and moved into an X formation, giving PIC the new nickname of “PEOPLE’S IMPERIAL CONFETTI.” Troops then switched into a very nice-looking upside-down V formation, asking Langly how her favorite team, Dortmund, is doing (spoiler alert: not well lol).

Troops then moved to the Docks, opening with a “SUPERIORAUSIA” bomb and going into an upside-down T formation with the ACP Dab emote. We also did an ice cream flicker tactic, and continued to our next formation with a “CALGODUBS21” bomb. ACP formed a plus formation and reminded PIC of our love for them, calling them our most based allies, and made a joke about Spinster being jailed again after the battle (haha). Troops then did a One Piece-inspired tactic, and reminded everyone that the Dark Vikings would be going down soon with a bomb. The practice battle was soon over, and troops logged off!

Thank you to Action and Alemax for creating tactics and leading the event, along with Calgo and myself for VC leading. Shoutout to AOL, mcdonalds, Cubster, and Austin for taking event pics!

Event Tactics Pictures:

Room 1: Snow Forts

Room 2: Docks

Special shoutout to our loyal troops who attended:

  • Calgo will update once he finishes attendance logs

If I missed your name, please message me so I can update the list.

Thank you all for attending today’s AUSIA event! Can’t wait to see you at our next event, another battle with the Dark Vikings, tomorrow at 3pm EST.

March on troops!


Pronouns: (they/them/their)

ACP Lieutenant General

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