From Troop of The Month to ACP Hcom: AOL

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ – Welcome to today’s post. For this post, we will be talking to AOLInstantMessenger to delve into his history within the Army of Club Penguin while also asking him questions about his journey, goals, and determination.

AOL started his journey within armies in the Rebel Penguin Federation in September 2021. However, despite it being his first army and he was only learning the ropes, he soon departed for a new venture as they sought to be helpful in other ways for another army. This army was the Templars of Club Penguin. Despite only being a troop in RPF for two months, he had aspirations of making it to staff, but TCP allowed him to become a Jr staff member, helping him learn the ropes and realize what it takes to become a staff member.

Above is a picture of AOL aka “The_Guy_” with the rebels in late October 2021

In November 2021, AOL joined the Templars for a short period in the jr staff roles and worked once more to try and gain higher roles. It wasn’t just about the role perms but the hunger to rise. They were in this role until 2022. They soon enlisted solely in the Army of Club Penguin in January 2022 despite them not long joining TCP. However, since that day, they haven’t looked back. In ACP, they witnessed multiple conflicts, including mass raids by his former army, TCP, in February 2022.

They have also seen the departures and inductions of leaders from Zeus to Calgo, as well as being a part of ACP’s rise to becoming a major army and reaching number one on the top tens!

ACP is their war against SWAT in 2022 as they grabbed onto 1st place

Despite starting off as a dual-enlist, in late 2021, he grew fond of the army, so when he finally joined ACP as his main, he rose up the ranks, doing everything he could to help out, even taking pictures of the events and staying active. In January 2021, AOL was given the honor of being Troop of the Month. He was interviewed by Zeus in February to mark the occasion. However, the interview never made it onto the ACP website and he never received the role within the discord server. Despite the recognition not officially being announced, he worked hard to gain the honor and has come a long way since that day.

Over time, AOL gained staff in October 2022 before working even harder and rising up to third in command within four months!

Despite a rough start to armies, AOL found his home in ACP and has remained here ever since. But what does AOL have to say about his journey? What made him want to join ACP? What are his goals for the future?

We interviewed AOL to find out more.

How did you first come across armies?

RPF liked my reply to a cpr tweet and I clicked the sketchy discord link in the bio. I did see an army event on cpr before and was just told that they are being told what to do on Discord.

What influenced you to join ACP?

I came to ACP and everyone was so nice despite having not made a name for myself yet. I felt like I had done nothing yet, yet everyone is already making me feel so welcome. I didn’t understand but I was here to stay.

What are some of your best memories within the army so far?

Maxing 40 at the legends cup when I came back from summer break, after being lucky to max 20 before summer

What’s your journey in ACP been like so far?

RPF didn’t work out, Templars was great, but ACP won me over, eventually became mod, then for some reason I was granted HCOM

Do you have any goals for your future?

Dedicated officer.

What would you say to anyone reading this who hasn’t quite found a home in armies yet?

Join ACP today and be on the right side of history.

AOL sure has had quite the adventure in armies before and since joining ACP and every step has led him to where he is now, an HCOM member within this illustrious army. Only time will tell if he will go on and, one day, become a leader of the army. Thanks for the interview AOL! I hope everyone enjoyed reading this and learned more about AOL’s journey in CPA! Do you like this type of post? Is it something you’d like to see more of? Is there anything we didn’t cover or that you would’ve liked to have seen AOL answer?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


ACP Field Marshal & Shamrock Bulletin Editor

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