Break Day Event April 3, 2023: Drawing Challenge!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Good morning ACP. On Monday, April 3rd, nine of our troops joined VC for a Drawing Challenge! Hosted by your moderators DeeP and mcdonalds, the Drawing Challenge consisted of the hosts giving the contestants prompts, and having them draw whatever comes to mind. The contestants could either re-draw the prompt (if given an image for the prompt), or come up with a completely new creation.

Down below are the prompts we used, as well as the drawings our contestants made for their respective prompt (Click on the images to view their full size, and let our contestants know how well they did!):

Prompt 1: COVID-20

Prompt 2: Club Penguin Trout

Prompt 3: Baby Patrick (Includes Image Prompt Below)

Prompt 4: A Scenic View

Prompt 5: Rubber Duck with Fun Accessories (Includes Image Prompt Below)

Unfortunately, we were not able to get through all of our prompts in time, so we will be hosting another Drawing Challenge some time in the future! Thank you to everybody that showed up. We look forward to seeing you at our next Drawing Challenge!

Keep your imagination colourful


Brigadier General

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  2. […] a super fun break day event where troops were given prompts to draw different things! Check out this recap post written by DeeP to read more and check out all the amazing […]

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