[UK] Clovers Goes Mad On DV

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: March Madness Practice”– Good evening ACP! Yesterday on Friday, March 10th, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground in Battleground for an invasion of Yet, a practice battle with the Dark Vikings, and also to practice for our important March Madness battle on Sunday! We met up in the Town before switching to the Docks for our first room.

The first tactic ACP employed was a bunch followed by an immediate transition into an upside-down V. We used flickers and big word bubbles to cover up the Dark Vikings, and when they asked us if we were “ready to lose” we replied with a hearty “No.” Troops then moved into a “DOWNFALLwaterfall tactic, then bunched in the bottom middle to transition into a plus formation, utilizing more big word bubble and emote tactics. The Dark Vikings decided to try to cover up our plus sign by also moving into the same formation, but ACP prevailed!

The next room was the Mine, where we quickly moved into a V formation with lots of clovers. We did another waterfall with a big word bubble tactic using ACP phrases and did a wipe with emotes. Dark Vikings soon logged off, but we stayed online a bit longer to practice for March Madness. We did a plus formation with emotes and word bubbles, and then moved to the Iceberg to finish practicing our X formation with emotes, followed by bunching in the middle, and then moving into a diagonal formation all while doing big word bubbles and emotes in a diagonal line.

Thank you to Calgo for leading, and AOL, Alemax, Coolguy, Cabin, and Lirri for taking event photos!

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