ACP Weekly Recap #1 — [19-25 February, 2023]

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters — Hey there ACP! Welcome back to another Weekly Recap, this time hosted by me, MaddieCW3! Let’s dive into what happened this week. Read on to find out more.

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Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Pizza Federation Revival”– Good evening ACP! Today on Friday, February 24, our USA division logged onto CPA Battleground for an invasion of the free land Dominos to revive the Pizza Federation! This awesome event was lead by our own Lieutenant General, AOL!.

We logged on and began in the Town, donning the Pizza Federation Uniform (chef’s hat and pizza apron), making some delicious pizzas. Once our invasion started, we moved to the Dojo and opened with a “PIZZABOIS” bomb, quickly moving into an upside down V. After a few emote and big word bubble tactics, we began a waterfall with “PINEAPPLE” (the best pizza topping, in my opinion). Troops then moved into a plus formation, performing more emote flicker and big word bubble tactics. AOL then led everyone in a Z wipe, and our invasion was successful!

We stayed online to continue practicing tactics, moving back to the Town to regroup and reached our max of 20 troops, prompting Calgo to announce that there would be a Nitro giveaway. After a joke bomb and transition into the plus form with more emote and big word bubble tactics, we bombed once again and moved into the anchor form with a beautiful EP/EZ flicker (affectionately known as the Puffle Pizza tactic).

Troops then moved to the Plaza, bombing our home with “PIZZA FEDERATION” and moving into another plus formation. We inquired of Superhero (CPAB Developer) why we couldn’t enter the Pizzaria, the true home of the Pizza Federation, and continued to employ punny word bubble tactics along with emotes. Following a “LEGENDARY” rake, we moved into an upside-down V with more emotes and word bubble tactics, and then tried to break in to the Pizza Parlour.

Our invasion ended, but the fun wasn’t over yet! Calgo hosted a Pizzatron competition, with the winner being First Lieutenant Agalpa. We had so much fun and can’t wait to see everyone at our next event! Huge shoutout to Purple for judging the event!

Max Size: 20

Max Size Picture:

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[UK] ACP vs. IW Practice Battle

KLONDIKE, “Battle: ACP vs. Ice Warriors”– Good afternoon ACP! Today on Saturday, February 18th, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground for an invasion of Zeus’s Retirement Island and a practice battle against the Ice Warriors! We met up in the Town after a few server switches, and eventually moved to the Snow Forts and engaged in an epic battle! The first tactic was a big word bubble bomb, and we quickly moved into an Anchor formation, doing different variations of flickers and big word tactics. When it was time to switch formations, we did a big word bubble waterfall into a backwards L, continuing with creative word tactics and emote flickers. Us troops then did a diagonal wipe with “The only thing that is unknown is your once historic army.” These word tactics were all in good jest of course. After ten minutes, it was time to switch rooms, and everyone quickly flocked to the Iceberg! We bombed again with a big word bubble, followed by a bunch into a great V formation. After a few tactics, we transitioned into a Z wipe using different emotes. Following the successful wipe, we moved into an amazing X formation utilising big word bubble and emote tactics. Our practice was soon over, and we thanked the Ice Warriors for practicing with us and logged off. Our max size was 21 troops, and we will have a Discord Nitro giveaway for our amazing attendees!

Max Size: 21

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Christmas Contest 2022 Winners

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ Last month, the Clovers honored Christmas by hosting the annual competition. Local artists skied to their art stations and provided us with their best artwork. With three categories (Igloos, Costumes, and Art), we had a plethora of winners. Read on to see who won, and make sure to congratulate them!

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[USA] Clovers Push the Limits on New Forms & Tactics!

KLONDIKE, “Freeland Invasion: Snowmobile”– Good evening ACP! On Friday, January 14, our USA division logged onto CPA Battleground in Klondike to add more land to the DRACP! We turned a simple Freeland invasion of Snowmobile into an advanced tactics practice, doing everything from spelling out ACP with formations in the Ski Lodge to doing counterclockwise bombings at the Stadium. Calgo and Ethan led the event, and we had 18 troops log on. We met up in the Town with a cross formation with some word tactics, moving on to the Dojo with a big word bubble bomb, followed by sweeping the room with various emotes. We then moved into an anchor formation, practicing emote flickers and big word bubbles. We then raked the room with a big word bubble and moved into a V formation with the ACP Dab emote. After practicing more emote and word bubble tactics, we moved into a left-to-right slash formation with more emotes and word bubbles. Once we clustered in the middle of the room, we moved to the Ski Lodge.

In the Ski Lodge, troops began with a joke bomb and transitioned into another emote sweep. We then formed an upside-down V, and quickly turned it into an A with direction from Calgo and Ethan. After some trial and error, we moved into a C formation, and it became clear what the next formation would be — a P, successfully spelling out our army’s initials. We stayed in the P for a few emote tactics but soon moved into a U followed by a Z. Seeing as it was time to move to the next room, troops got their maps up and moved to the Stadium.

A big word bubble of “ARMIEOFCP” was used to bomb the Stadium, and we transitioned into a complicated sweep. Troops began in the center, and then an even amount of troops went to each of the four corners whilst doing various emotes. We then transitioned into an I formation, followed by another big word bubble bomb. Troops then evenly spread out, said our usernames, and logged off, successfully finishing a successful Freeland invasion and advanced tactics training.

Thank you to XSHPECTREX for being our judge for this event!

Max Size: 18

Thank you Ethan for the Max Size photo!

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