Troubled Allies War: Days 3-5

To kick things off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for the delayed post. Unlike some army leaders at war, I adhere to my bedtime; thus, we will combine the last few days into a single post to catch up. Regardless, my tardiness is still ahead of the Club Penguin Armies curb, although they seem almost proud of their lackadaisical and pitiable reporting. I wouldn’t hold my breath if you were waiting on an update from them regarding the Troubled Allies WarTroubled Allies War Continue reading

Troubled Allies War: Days 1-2

Since Club Penguin Armies seems to be dragging its feet lately, I felt compelled to deliver an update on what I have dubbed the Troubled Allies War. Although late, the community at large deserves to know where this war has gone in the last week, especially with the break for Christmas in the middle.

To keep things simple, I’ll go through the first two days of battles, which featured five battles, and the Circus Alliance against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Circus Alliance, consisting of the Templars, Army of CP, and Dark Vikings, has consistently been scheduling invasions against the Special Weapons and Tactics. In return, SWAT has gone toe-to-toe with the three-pronged alliance, hoping to secure new gains in their territory. Continue reading

[URGENT] Declaration of War Against SWAT

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Capital – My fellow members and troops of the Army of Club Penguin, it has recently come to our attention that an army we considered as recent “allies” have been repeatedly disrespecting us and going behind our backs while plotting to invade our land as well as target our brother-in-arms.

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