[AUSIA] A Day in the Toy Shop

ASCENT, ‘Toy Shop’– Hey there ACP! Here we are with another AUSIA post!! ACP logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, we went into Town and did an amazing job with tactics and formations. After that, we went to the Ice Berg where we did some fun formations and were on point with tactics. After we were finished, we went to play a fun game of Hydro Hopper to see who was the best! Hope everyone had a good time and comment down below if you came!

Max Size: 15

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[AUSIA] Clover Penguins Find A Hidden Gem

ASCENT, ‘Hidden Gem’ – Hey there ACP!! We logged on this morning for a wonderful event, lead by HCOM Roxy. We went onto Ascent Town on Club Penguin Rewritten. We got a max size of 14 penguins online and had a fun time! ACP went from Town and then headed our way to the beach and after the event, we all waddled along to play a game to find The Hidden Gem!!!

Max Size: 14

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[US] Invasion of Free Land 96 + Raid vs Templars

ASCENT, ‘Invasion of 96+ Raid’We logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten today, on Ascent Town. Invaded the Land of 96 for some Free Land! We maxed a size of 13 ACP members! We went into Mine Shack and successfully invaded the land and then continued on by going to the docks. We joined the Templars for a raid in the middle. Over all, went very well! You all did amazing and hope to see you guys tomorrow at the next event!

Max Size: 13

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[AUSIA] Clovers Covered in Cloth

CRYSTAL, ‘Covered in Cloth‘ – Today, ACP logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for another fun event! We went onto Crystal and met up in Town! We maxed a size of 10 penguins and did some fun tactics and formations. After we logged on and went to town, we headed into the coffee shop to get that caffeine hype!! After the coffee shop, we headed our way up the Ski Hill and did a fun game of Sled Racing. Hope everyone had a great time.

Max Size: 10

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[AUSIA] The Clovers Enjoy The Snow During Winter

ASCENT, “Mission: Snow Avalanche” – Hey, ACP! On December 2nd, our AUSIA division logged on the server Ascent in CPRewritten for a fun winter mission, wearing our goggles to protect us from the snow during this event where we reached a maximum size of 11 penguins online! During this mission, we started in the town, and then we moved to the snow forts, after that we finished the event with a fun sled race in the ski hill! Thanks to the amazing people that attended this mission, I hope you had lots of fun!

Max size: 11

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[AUSIA] Through the storm

ASCENT, “Through the storm”: Hello ACP! Today our AUSIA division logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for our through-the-storm event. We first started out by putting on our boots, we headed to the forts and ski hill. The event ended off with a sled racing competition in which Ivelkov won! We reached a maximum size of 14 penguins from the Clover Empire and we had a lot of fun throughout our rainy event. We did an awesome job today! 

Maximum Size – 14

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[US] Practice Battle With Our Brother Allies Help Force

ASCENT, “Practice Battle” – Hello there ACP! We had a Practice Battle with Help Force on Club Penguin Rewritten and logged onto ASCENT Town. We went for an Invasion with Silver Empire but got called off. Had amazing opportunity to help out and be able to do some cool looking formations and tactics. Did an amazing job and we have another battle tonight, hope to see you all there!

Max Size: 5

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[AUSIA] Night of the Living Sled

ASCENT “night sled”: Hi ACP! Today the AUSIA division logged onto Ascent for a fun ghostly event. We started off at the town with Roxy leading! We then went to the Ski Village with Roxy still leading and Sanya making sled puns.We night sled event for 10 minutes and then had a fun sled tournament  for the rest 20 minutes which Max won! We all enjoyed a lot and we maxed 17 penguins from the Clover Empire!

Maximum- 17

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[UK/US] Practice Battle Between Ice Warriors and Army of Club Penguin

ASCENT, ‘Practice Battle‘ – Hey there ACP, we logged on to Ascent Town on Club Penguin Rewritten to do a Practice Battle against Ice Warriors. We started off by warming up tactics in Town, went to Stadium, headed to the Mines and finished off on the Ice Berg. Everyone did an amazing job with keeping up and doing the tactics, fighting against them! Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow at our next big battle! Don’t forget to comment down below if you came!

Max Size: 13

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[AUSIA] Clovers Coffee Party

Ascent,”Coffee Rush”– Hello ACP! Today, the clover empire’s AUSIA division logged onto CP Rewritten for our coffee rush event we started out the event by getting coffee and sharing with one another at the town, after we left the town we waddled over to the mine shack to play cart surfer, We reached a maximum size of 18 troops and had a lot of fun together at the coffee party everyone did an amazing job today with the tactics and formations. Make sure to take a look at the pictures from the coffee party today!

Maximum size – 18

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