[UK] Practice Battle against Swat

ASCENT, ‘PB ACP vs SWAT’ Hey ACP! We logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten, Ascent Town. ACP Maxed Size of 18 penguins. We started out by doing some warm up tactics and then we made our way into the Ice Berg. We did a lot of good and big tactics and getting into the room, while SWAT didn’t have many penguins on, so it was easier to cover them. We moved on and went into the Stadium and also did a good job at keeping up and doing good formations! For our last room, we headed to the Docks. We all kept awake and did an amazing job. Comment down below if you came!

Max Size: 18

Thank you for coming everyone! Hope everyone had a great time at the battle! Remember to keep an eye out for our next event tomorrow.


ACP 4ic Moderator

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