[UK] Battle Against the Water Vikings!

ASCENT, ‘Battle against WV’– Hey there ACP! We logged on once again to Ascent Town to have a fun battle against Water Vikings! HCOM lead with some fast tactics and emotes. We started in Town of course, then headed off to Snow Forts, went into Iceberg and ended our battle in Stadium. We only went into three rooms today and ended it early by Saluting and Waving to them in a good job on their end. Hope everyone had a good time at the battle and comment below if you came!

Max Size: 31

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[US] Fusion Voice Changer Pizza Takeover!

ZIPLINE, ‘Pizza Takeover’Hey there ACP! Today, we all logged onto Zipline Town and did a pizza takeover. We first started off of course in our favorite room, the Town, then headed to the Pizza Parlor, then moved into the Stadium and lastly went back to the pizza parlor to play the game, Pizzatron! We did lots of cheesy tactics and formations. Haha, get it, cheesy… And in addition to our fun event, Field General Fusion, decided to make the event even more fun by VC Leading with a Voice Changer. Hope everyone enjoyed there time at the event!

Max Size: 33

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[AUS] Clover Defenders take part in the Olympic Games

Zipline, “The Olympic Games– Hey, ACP! Today, the Clover Penguins’ AUS Division logged onto the server Zipline for our own Olympic Games consisting of three competitions: running, cycling, and  Following tactics at Town, a race took place where penguins ran from the Beach to the Cove with Stevos, Roxy, and Chek getting gold, silver, and bronze respectively. Next, we went to the Inside Mine for a cycling competition which resulted in Stevos, Daniel, and Max being the top three. For the last event of the Olympics, we went to the Docks for the last event with Belencita, Chek, and Nyoooooom coming out on top of the competition. With Stevos winning 2 out of the 3 events, he was declared the champion of the Olympic Games. Congrats to Stevos for winning and thank you to everyone who came!

MAX: 39

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Staturday Digest: Averages Up Across 8 Events

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – In this week’s edition of Staturday Digest, we will be taking a look at the previous week and analysing what happened as far as maximum sizes, posts, and events go. This will be used as an opportunity for reflection and comparison to see how we are growing.

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[US] A Clover Roll Around the Island

Zipline, ‘Mission: Rollin’ Around’Hey there ACP! We logged on today into Zipline Town. We did a fun event where we threw on our skating shoes and did some tactics in town, then did a fun race starting from Ski Hill all the way to Cave Mine! Then, they had us race starting from Cave Mine to finish at Ski Lodge Attic! To top off the whole event, we did a typing race to see who was the fastest typer. Congratulations to Caramel (Co-ordinator) for winning the typing race and Congratulations to Shadow (Co-ordinator) and Stevos (Field General) for winning the CPR races! Hope everyone had a great time at the event! Hope to see you all next time.

Max Size: 22

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[EUSIA] Clovers Successfully Find Nemo In Operation: Finding Nemo

ZIPLINE, “Mission: Finding Nemo” – Hi ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s EUSIA Division logged on Zipline for our Mission: Finding Nemo. The clovers all dressed as a fish, we started off the event with finding nemo tactics, and then swam across the island visiting a variety of different rooms. After exploring the island, we headed over to the iceberg where we had a mini practice battle against the Red Ravagers. After the practice battle, we went on a hunt for Marlin, Nemo and Dory, and we eventually found all 3 hidden around the island. We reached a maximum size of 28 penguins, and had lots of fun together. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to Red Ravagers for the mini practice battle!


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[US] Clovers Enjoy a Nice Night Out In Hawaii


ZIPLINE, “Mission: A Night In Hawaii” – Hey ACP! Today, the Clover Penguins’ US division logged on the server Zipline on CPRewritten for a fun Hawaiian party, and we got a maximum size of 33 ACP soldiers online! In this mission we did many fun tactics and formations, we had lots of fun at the cove swimming and dancing, and we finished with an amazing game of Simon Says with Daniel and Kailey! Thanks to everyone who attended, good job today and I hope you enjoyed this fun party!

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[EUSIA] Clovers Think Through Scavenger Hunt


ZIPLINE, “Operation: Scavenger” – Hello ACP! Today, the EUSIA division of the Clover Penguins logged onto CPRewritten in the server Zipline for an amazing scavenger hunt, where we got a maximum size of 40 penguins! In today’s operation we had to find rooms using the hints that were given to us, and our soldiers proved their great ability to solve these riddles really fast. Everyone did an impressive job today, thanks for coming and I hope you had lots of fun!

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[UK] Variants Successfully Pruned in Loki Takeover

ASCENT, Operation: Loki – Hey there ACP! Today the clover penguins logged on to Ascent on CP Rewritten for our Operation: Loki event. At this event we were all dressed in our Loki themed gear and we went hunting for variants. We were successfully able to prune the island of all variants. Without all of your help, this would not have been a successful mission. We were able to capture a max size of 37 troops. Thank you to all who attended!

Max: 37

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[AUSIA] The Clovers Showing Support To Aunt Arctic

ASCENT, “Mission: Aunt Arctic” Greetings ACP! Today, the Clover Penguin’s AUSIA Division logged on server Ascent for our Mission: Aunt Arctic event. At this event, we all dressed as Aunt Arctic, and went around the Club Penguin Rewritten island on our mission, which was exciting. We reached a maximum size of 30 penguins, and had lots of fun together. Shoutout to those who attended, and congratulations for earning 3 clovers each!

MAX: 30

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