ACP’s 2022 Memory Scrapbook

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Shamrock Bulletin HQ — Throughout 2022, ACP made many lasting memories with events and server shenanigans. We opened up a thread in our Discord for our troops to share their favorite moments of the year, and they happily delivered! Here is a compilation of the responses.

Calgocubs21, ACP Leader:

I’ll go first, my favorite memory of this year was being given the opportunity to takeover as leader of this great army! Growing up ACP played a huge role in my childhood in the 2000s and I always dreamed of one day becoming a leader similar to Boomer20. It truly has been an honor to lead this army these past several months and I look forward to everything we are going to achieve in this New Year! :ACPSalute3:

Alemax, ACP Staff:
Ooo, I favorite memory is getting to see how ACP transforms from a dead server/army to what it is today. I didn’t like it here at first when I rejoined, it was weird with all the new people here and so many people that I admired retired. But now, it is like before and it continues to grow even greater. I’m sure we’ll surpass everyone this New Year! :GTFF:

Pandito, Veteran:
my favourite sticker will always be: The dancing duck and i hope it says in 2023

Cherry Cherry, Veteran:
My favorite 2022 ACP memories would prolly be adding new friends in the Genshin channel (definitely hoping it won’t be deleted like vct </33) and playing with Oddone — also seeing Dawn back after 2+ years || Shout out to for inspiring me to dig through the event archives (bush life is so iconique) and + Aspen (fr ditched us tho) and Cath + the cool peeps for somehow staying in contact after all this time… even if I’m no longer as active in the ACP server, I’ve still made friends from here that are rly important to me I look forward to seeing more acp fan art and dropping in to see y’all still being an active and fun community :smoile: Happy new year ⋆˚ P.S. thank you Sanya for dropping into my DMs every other month with updates ❤

Spinister, TCP Staff:
My favorite ACP memories in the quarter I present would include being successful in completing what we aimed for Project: Revival, reclaiming Major Status, beating HF in LCXII, and reaching 2nd in the Top Ten, and also, making all those new friends throughout my journey, such as Carmelo, Alemax, and Nuub to name a few.

Arne, Veteran:

When i joined and was active was cool

Carmelo3, Veteran:
Just having a good time with everyone in general and vibing during the Ausia hours. Gotta love those late hour Ausia events. Another great year at ACP:ACPheart: :EL~4: :ACPSalute~1: :party:

Hamood, Major:

My favorite memory of 2022 from ACP, even though i wasnt really that active in ACP during last year, is the LCXII Battle against HF, so many people in that battle, something i havent seen in easily over a year, some honorable mentions too: Recruiting with the boys, getting my 5th Recruit in the Major Test Becoming Staff for a brief time before i had to quit due to exams, friends i made during this year (AOL, Calgo, Zinnia which sadly has quit ACP, Alemax, and Page.Eight), find Santa event, writing articles for ACP, my 2nd anniversary of being in ACP, ACP becoming great again! (credit to ), and just having a good time in general. Happy New Year and i wish you a very green 2023

McDonalds, ACP Staff:
ACP birthday week & playing simon says while on event delay were 10/10

Ethan, US Division Commander:

My favorite memory of ACP (the short time I have been here) would be, that even through a lot of chaos and back and forth, Calgo decided to bring in a fugitive and put everything aside just to see that I would fit into his HCOM team. Even when I left many times, ACP is a lot more relaxed and I haven’t had fun in a CPA community like ACP, in years! So, it’s great to see that ACP is growing and that with the Staff, Troops, HCOM, and Leadership that ACP is going in a right direction. It’s funny as I never really had a liking in the past but realizing that in out of everything, ACP is truly a good place for anyone to be in.

Litt7, Veteran:

Thank you to everyone that responded with their ACP memories! Cheers to a hopefully fantastic 2023 year.


ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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