Looking back on Vengeance Alliance

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – On October 13, 2021, the Army of Club Penguin leadership announced through a post, that we were going to help our brother allies, Help Force, in their war with the Silver Empire. As the Silver Empire was accused of multilogging, as well as encouraging the use of multiloggs, and the balance of the war tipping on the other side, we decided to help our brother allies, forming the Vengeance alliance.

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[EUSIA] Invading Ice Coast With Our Brother Allies

Ascent, ‘Invasion of Ice Coast’ – Happy Halloween ACP! Today, our EUSIA division participated in a war invasion with our allies HF and RR against the Silver Empire. We battled it out inside the Mine, on the Iceberg, and in the Stadium. We did an awesome job today!


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[AUSIA] Training Event With The Help of Help Force

SLEET “training event“: Hi hi there ACP! Today the AUSIA Division logged onto Sleet for a fun training event for the upcoming battles! We started off at iceberg with Sanya and Roxy (myself ahah) leading! We then went to the stadium where HF led this room. We had training event for 15 minutes and then had igloo raids for the rest 15 minutes! We all enjoyed a lot and we maxed 14 penguins from the Clover Empire!

Maximum- 14

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[AUSIA] Project Vengeance: Helping our allies with the invasion of Snow Angel

ASCENT, “Vengeance Invasion: Hello ACP! Today, the AUSIA division of the Clover Empire logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten in Ascent for the Operation Vengeance to help our allies the Help Force in war against Silver Empire. Firstly, we entered the Inside Mine with great speed. We continued with our great speed, tactics and formation in the following rooms- Stadium and the Iceberg. We had a max of 12 penguins from ACP. Sanya, Scorp, Diwix and Des were leading today’s event. Congratulations to our ally HF who won today’s invasion!

Maximum: 12

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[UK] Vengeance Alliance Clean Sweep Silvers in Battle of Cream Soda

ASCENT, ‘Clean Sweep’ – Hello ACP! Today we once again logged on as part of the Vengeance Alliance in an invasion against the Silver Empire. With the silvers showing up this time, we were able to do a full 3 room battle for once and despite the small effort put in by the Empire, we once again swept them in all three rooms, with a 3-0 victory for the alliance! Thank you to everyone who came today! The war score is now 5-0-1 [W-T-L]

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