[URGENT] Operation: Vengeance

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

As of late, the Silver Empire has declared war against our brother allies, the Help Force. This war is brought on from past conflicts between our two ally armies, of which we honored both and chose not to get involved in hopes that they would be able to settle their differences. Unfortunately, it does not seem like that has been the case as within the past week there have been a few battles between the two. Our brother allies have released a post as a formal call to war against SE. In their response post, HF incited allegations against SE for multilogging, as well as supporting the use of multilogs. We want to make it clear that multilogging should not be tolerated in this community, and that we do not condone the actions of our friends who have done so in the past.

Since the outbreak of war between two of our closest allies, other parties have gotten involved as well. Due to the balance of the war tipping in favor to one side, our brother allies have come to us asking for help. This is our formal announcement declaring that we will be answering their call, and joining the fray

More importantly, the ACP will be taking a stand with our brother allies in the Vengeance Alliance.

We want to make it clear that this is not a declaration of war but rather a showcase of solidarity for our allies in standing for what is right. We will stand by the Help Force during this war through thick and thin. One thing about vengeance is that those who seek it also seek resolution. The Army of Club Penguin will help our friends find retribution.

In conclusion, while this is not a declaration of war – we are still fighting. The Vengeance Alliance will fight together, as one, in the war against the Silver Empire.

Join the Vengeance Alliance Discord Server

All orders, uniforms, etc. will be on this Discord Server!




FatChicken, ACP Leader

Gugspugs, ACP 2ic

Sidie, ACP 3ic

Faith, ACP 3ic

Sanya, ACP 3ic

Zelly, ACP 3ic

Mchappy, ACP Acting PoG

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  2. […] On October 13, 2021, the Army of Club Penguin leadership announced through a post, that we were going to help our brother allies, Help Force, in their war with the Silver Empire. As […]

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