[AUSIA] Project Vengeance: Helping our allies with the invasion of Snow Angel

ASCENT, “Vengeance Invasion: Hello ACP! Today, the AUSIA division of the Clover Empire logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten in Ascent for the Operation Vengeance to help our allies the Help Force in war against Silver Empire. Firstly, we entered the Inside Mine with great speed. We continued with our great speed, tactics and formation in the following rooms- Stadium and the Iceberg. We had a max of 12 penguins from ACP. Sanya, Scorp, Diwix and Des were leading today’s event. Congratulations to our ally HF who won today’s invasion!

Maximum: 12

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s invasion! Comment below if you attended today’s event! Make sure you react in #events for the US Event later today!


ACP Master General

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