Looking back on Vengeance Alliance

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – On October 13, 2021, the Army of Club Penguin leadership announced through a post, that we were going to help our brother allies, Help Force, in their war with the Silver Empire. As the Silver Empire was accused of multilogging, as well as encouraging the use of multiloggs, and the balance of the war tipping on the other side, we decided to help our brother allies, forming the Vengeance alliance.

Everything started way back, in April 2021. Silver Empire staff members tried troopstealing from Help Force and they talked in disrespect about them. That’s when, our brother allies had enough, and started The Silver Rush war. Silver Empire ran quickly from the war, due to the lack of a server map and stated that “they did not wish to participate in any war with the Help Force“.

The war resumed in October 2021, after the new league created a server map. During that, the Silver Empire was accused of multilogging, so, to help our brother allies, the Vengeance Alliance was created.

At first, the alliance was formed by only, the Army of Club PenguinHelp Force, and Red Ravagers with the Peoples Imperial Confederation, joining later on. That didn’t stop Silver Empire from allying with the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics, forming the Western Bloc Alliance, the true enemy of the Vengeance alliance. Together, we fought alongside our allies in multiple battles a day, and in the end, the final score was 23-2-3 [W-T-L]. However, no true winner was declared, as per the treaty. Due to a variety of 11 armies involving themselves in the war, it soon became known as World War VIII.

To find out more about what happened, we reached out to Nell, a former Help Force leader that led during the war.

What is your honest opinion about the war?

The war could be easily avoided if we didn’t start invading like crazy. I honestly do not remember the initial reason why we starting invading SE’s servers before all hell broke loose. I wish we didn’t so that everything could be avoided. The war cost us a lot of time and resources. It completely drained our energy as Leaders and the same thing happened to the Troops.

What is your favorite part of the war?

The moments that made me feel better and gave me hope were the victories we had and the moment we announced the start of the Vengeance Alliance.

If you were a leader today, would you still lead through a war like that?

If I were still leader, I would think 10 times before doing anything like that. I wouldn’t get into a war like that unless it was absolutely necessary and if I had really solid reasons. I was and I still am a very careful person but there are moments during every leadership when mistakes are made. Nobody is perfect.

Looking back, what would you have changed?

There’s nothing that I would have changed. I would just not have agreed to those first invasions in the first place. After the war started, I did everything I could for my army.

What’s your advice for leaders that would have to go at some point through a war like that?

A war is very difficult and I’m not talking about petty wars or joke wars or anything like that. Make sure your army is ready for that. Make sure everything is in place before throwing yourselves in an adventure of that sort. I advise you to have the best people by your side. People you can trust and people with experience who are willing to help. Have faith in your staff members and discuss with them before announcing a war.

What a crazy war! What would you do if you were to take part in something like that?


ACP Major General & Shamrock Reporter

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