The End of World War VIII

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Following over a month of constant battling, multiple times a day, the war has finally seen it’s end. This post marks the conclusion of the 8th World War that took place between the Vengeance Alliance and the Western Bloc.

This war began on October the 11th, and saw our involvement following the release of our ‘Operation: Vengeance’ post two days after, forming the beginnings of the Vengeance Alliance – which contained the Red Ravagers, People’s Imperial Confederation, and the Help Force. Following the formation of the alliance, a great number of battles took place in the next few weeks against the Western Bloc. And although many were deemed invalid, many still went through leading to an extended period of warfare.

Soon after, in the first week of November, talks of peace began. Land swaps and non-aggression pacts began to form and resulted in the Treaty of the Unnamed, shown below:


The Silver Empire and The Help Force have agreed to a peace treaty; thus ending the World War VIII.

Western Bloc and Vengeance Alliance armies have been included in this pact. The following states:

– PIC, RR, ACP, HF and SWAT, WV will have a NAP that ends Jan 31, 2022.
– PIC, RR, ACP and SE will have a NAP that ends Jan 31, 2022.
– HF and SE will have a NAP that ends April 20, 2022.
This includes (is not limited to) armies directly invading, assisting for an invasion, or declaring war through their colonies.

Server Trades

Help Force to Silver Empire: Snow Angel, Winter Way, Ice Coast, Down Under, Cream Soda, Ice Breaker

Silver Empire to Help Force: Jackhammer, Sled

Help Force & Water Vikings:
Ice Cream – Patagonia
Ice Pack – Rocky Road

People’s Imperial Confederation & Water Vikings:
Mittens – Fleece Cap

There is no winner to the validated conflicts which took place in this war. When the NAP expires, armies may resume conflict if they please.

Breaking of any of these terms will result in an invalidation of the invasion(s).


With up to 11 armies taking part in this war, it has been dubbed the 8th World War – namely: The War of No Judges..

The final war score for the Vengeance Alliance was 23- 2- 3.

However, as per treaty terms, there is no official winner of the war.

A big thank you to everyone in the Vengeance Alliance for joining forces in the war. Additionally, a massive thanks to all the ACP members and staff that showed up to the countless battles.

FatChicken, ACP Leader

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  1. […] At first, the alliance was formed by only, the Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, and Red Ravagers with the Peoples Imperial Confederation, joining later on. That didn’t stop Silver Empire from allying with the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics, forming the Western Bloc Alliance, the true enemy of the Vengeance alliance. Together, we fought alongside our allies in multiple battles a day, and in the end, the final score was 23-2-3 [W-T-L]. However, no true winner was declared, as per the treaty. […]

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