[ACP RECAP] Highlights of 2022

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Mammoth, Shamrock Bulletin HQ — As we lead into a new year, it’s important that we recall the events that have led up to this point, and the progress that the army has made over the past 12 months. The Army of Club Penguin has undoubtedly had a climactic 2022 year, including the passing of a torch to new leader Calgocubs21 and the second declaration of war on Special Weapons and Tactics. So, overall, what were our major highlights, good and bad?

#1: Mchappy’s Homecoming

In early April, Mchappy announced his Homecoming event schedule to bring together the AUSIA division. He hosted weekly activities and games, of which the first event hit a max of 14 on CPRewritten. The project proved successful for strengthening AUSIA numbers, and later in the year, Mchappy revived this tradition with a CPAB event that maxed 28 — a number that was double the first introduction of Mchappy’s Homecoming.

#2: A Loss and a Gain

On April 13th, Club Penguin Rewritten — a website that had carried countless army events after the shutdown of Club Penguin — was requested by Disney to close their servers and take down their game. Many CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers) were copyrighted in the same timeframe, leaving soldiers wondering where to go to continue the Club Penguin army legacy.

Two months later in June, the Club Penguin Army Battlegrounds (CPAB) was introduced. Outfitted specifically for events and battles, this site was perfect for personalized tactics, moderation, item variety, and the needs of the CPA community. However, the loss of CPR meant recruitment was more difficult. CPR had been the largest and most well-known CPPS with over 10 million registered users. ACP’s Recruitment Force had to become creative with their means of bringing in new members, moving on to other CPPS sites and methods. However, the creation of CPAB proved to be a huge success, and has continued to run smoothly.

#3: Disbanding the Panel

Initially created in 2014, the Panel of Guardians was a board of three ex-leaders — Flipmoo, Mchappy, and Shaboomboom — that oversaw ACP and worked hard to ensure its future. They formed a large portion of the Leadership Protocol, and made policies to keep ACP on the right track long-term.

However, back in May, the panel unanimously chose to separate. Former Panel member Mchappy wrote, “One of many reasons being the fact that a majority of the panel are unable to carry out active duties as they continue to move past CPA.” They wanted the responsibility of ACP’s future to fall back on the individuals and what they strived to achieve, and a committee was formed to preserve the way of voting for special occasions, such as the Medal of Honor.

Mchappy, as well as CSY and Koloway — who are all now former leaders — joined in on this committee and remain members of it current-day, though their duties are reserved for certain events.

#4: Beach Brawl Victory

In July, ACP’s UK division attended a CPA-hosted a Breach Brawl II Tournament on CPAB. They hit a max size of 18 despite connection issues, facing off against armies such as Revolutionaries, Lime Green Army, Ninjas, and Magma Clan. After thirty long minutes, including an overtime segment, ACP was declared the champions of the second official Beach Brawl. 

This victory fed into the development of Project: Revival, a plan made by higher-ups of ACP to improve struggles that the army was facing and bring it back to Major status. It also allowed Calgocubs21’s later initiation of Phase 2: Ascent, which details his goals for ACP and as a leader heading into 2023.

#5: Reclaiming the Charts

On September 2nd, ACP officially restored their Major status. An AUSIA event was hosted that hit 31 members in attendance, exceeding what the army had maxed in the past few months. Since then, ACP has managed to maintain a spot in the Top Ten ranks, currently holding the most land on the map with 17 servers. ACP officially hit #1 in the tail end of December, surpassing the Templars of Club Penguin with 70.54 overall points.

ACP has had massive growth, especially with the help of our faithful AUSIA troops that are now beginning to max nearly 20+ for general events. These numbers have kept ACP afloat, giving a positive outlook for the future of the army.

#6: ACP’s 16th Birthday

September 29th officially marked the Army of Club Penguin’s 16th anniversary, having been created by Oagalthorp in 2006. To celebrate, AUSIA troops logged on to the old Xat website (https://xat.com/acparmy) to reminisce over old times. A post was made by Mchappy detailing the plans for the week; on Monday, the NA division went through an ACPTR bootcamp. On Wednesday, Spec Ops Marines faced off against Strawhats. On Thursday, the Xat chats were once again alive and animated for the early morning, and later in the day, EU troops impersonated our past ACP leaders. At the end, members recounted what their most valued and nostalgic memories of ACP were in a Shamrock Bulletinpost.

#7: War on SWAT

In late December, ACP declared its second war against SWAT. The Circus Alliance was officially formed, which consisted of the Templars of Club Penguin, Army of Club Penguin, Dark Vikings, and our brothers-in-arms the Help Force. Between the four, events were hosted almost daily, maxing up to 56 troops at one point. 

A scandal revolving around SWAT’s leaders was the base for this conflict, in which SWAT broke a promise to ACP while testing the waters with allyship. The armies banded together to end the long-running behavior of Special Weapons and Tactics, and Templars hosted what is hopefully the last battle on December 30th. Treaty terms are still being determined, and ACP hopes to peacefully wrap up this war and move on with 2023 preparations.

#8: The Beginning of a New Era

On September 19th, the 49th Commander-in-Chief was announced after the retirement of Jesus1_4, and the responsibility of ACP was officially handed down to Calgocubs21. This brought along a new age, with fresh goals and ambitions being introduced. He hired on new staff to lead the divisions and constructed Project: Ascent, a recently unveiled plan to bring more victories to ACP, make up for our flaws, and eventually take home the Legends Cup in 2023. It proceeds July’s Project: Revival, which did wonders in bringing life back to ACP. Calgo wrote, “Project: Ascent acknowledges both our recent successes as well as our shortcomings and will be targeted at refining and crafting our army into a powerhouse to be reckoned with.”

This project will consist of the reconstruction of the Recruitment Force, the reopening of ACPTR, and the addition of specialty-assigned higher command staff. ACP will be on the track to drastic improvement with Calgo’s ambitious and careful layout, taking into account what will suit the army best to keep us comfortably at Major status.

ACP has had a successful 2022 year and, if all goes well, 2023 will bring about an even brighter outlook for the troops. This New Year is full of optimism and a plan set in motion to refine the way things are run, and we hope to see more engagement of troops this winter. Your participation counts, and giveaways, as well as awards, medals, and special roles will be given out to the most outstanding soldiers throughout this year!

Thank you to all the active members and hcom staff that has made all of this possible with their hard work and attendance. Cheers to a new year!


ACP Brigadier General & Shamrock Bulletin Reporter

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