PHASE 2 – 2023

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH, Calgo’s Oval Office – On July 12th of this year, after months of our Great Army going through a significant period of struggle, the higher-ups of our army unveiled their plans to counteract that. The plan was called Project: Revival and its sole objective was to start from nothing and build ACP up toward solidifying its status as a Major army. The post went into much detail acknowledging the unfortunate issues that ACP had been riddled with for quite some time and promised troops a better future moving forward. A variety of both new and returning staff were announced to support this new initiative, many of whom joined to make this promise of change a reality.

Along the way for this project, ACP saw its greatest rise in consistency and made itself back onto the Top Ten after maxing consistently between 10-14 troops. ACP even managed to max 18 and bring home its first-ever trophy in over a year since the Project: Conquest tournament through its victory in the highly controversial Beach Brawl II tournament. On September 4th, after two grueling months, ACP managed to reach its final destination in Project: Revival through clinching Major status after maintaining an average size of 20 points for three straight weeks.

Since the conclusion of this revolutionary project, ACP has propelled itself forward and seen tremendous success as seen through our upset match against Help Force in Legends Cup reaching maxes of 40+, our winning streak in our war against SWAT reaching maxes as high as 56+, and many other achievements including reaching #1 on the CPA Top Ten.

While I believe I achieved everything that I had hoped to in my Phase 1 plan as leader, there was the lingering thought in my head that we still could have done more. Why settle for just being average when we can do so much more? I believe that despite our rise in the army community, there is still so much untapped potential that we have yet to unlock as an army.

As such after much consideration, as 49th Commander in Chief, I, Calgocubs21 am proud to unveil Phase 2 of my plans for ACP heading into the new year and announce a new initiative aimed at solidifying ACP as the #1 army in the community and finally bringing home the Legends Cup trophy. I present to you the sequel to Project: Revival called Project: Ascent.

Project: Ascent acknowledges both our recent successes as well as our shortcomings and will be targeted at refining and crafting our army into a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

The three core focuses of this project are:

  • A full-scale reboot of our Recruiting Force with new recruiting methods, more incentives, and a dedicated team to maintain it and keep it fully operational.
  • The relaunch of the ACP Training Regiment aimed at training our new recruits and raising our skill ceiling.
  • Expanding our staff team with highly trained and capable individuals who will be assigned specific focuses that they excel at. Apply here if you are interested!

While these are our 3 core focuses, that doesn’t necessarily mean the project is limited to just those that are mentioned above. Other major plans include a full graphics overhaul for all ACP-related graphics and branding done by our very own Koloway as well as other artists! This full rebrand will reflect the way we hope to market ourselves to the army community as well as free agents. There have also been discussions of bringing back our Clover SMP Minecraft server for Season 3 as well as a possible return of a rebranded version of our Clover Chats Podcast with a new co-host!

In terms of our staff team going into the new year, after extensive scouting and interviews, we have solidified a lineup of 3 new Division Commanders to oversee, strengthen, and lead each of our three divisions:

  • AUSIA Division Commander: AustinFraud (Ace)
  • UK Division Commander: Alucard
  • USA Division Commander: Ethan

Having these division of powers will ensure that the quality of our events continue to increase through specialization and increased efficiency. This will also free up more time for me as your leader to put more of my future plans into action and ensure that none of our divisions become neglected. I have full confidence in each of our three new Generals to level up our army to the next level!

Lastly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and starting January 1st we set our sights on Legends Cup. 2023 will be our year.

Green Together, Family Forever

What do you look forward to the most for our army going into the new year? Comment down below!


ACP 49th Commander in Chief

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