Troubled Allies War: Days 3-5

To kick things off, I’d like to apologize to everyone for the delayed post. Unlike some army leaders at war, I adhere to my bedtime; thus, we will combine the last few days into a single post to catch up. Regardless, my tardiness is still ahead of the Club Penguin Armies curb, although they seem almost proud of their lackadaisical and pitiable reporting. I wouldn’t hold my breath if you were waiting on an update from them regarding the Troubled Allies WarTroubled Allies War

After Club Penguin Armies Administrators disallowed any invasions during the days surrounding Christmas, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Circus Alliance only re-engaged on Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 27


Once again, the Army of CP kicked things off with an AUSIA invasion. This wasn’t a close battle in a similar trope to last week. In all three rooms, the Clovers held at least a ten penguin advantage, at some points nearly doubling the Special Agents’ size. Although sleeping troops were noticeable to the judges, they noted the Clovers’ awareness and attempts to cover them up. SWAT did their best to take advantage of the situation; they were outmatched in speed and formation cleanliness, allowing the Army of CP to sweep the rooms.

Winner: Army of CP


In the second invasion of the day, the Templars attempted to annex Alabama from the Special Agents. They dominated from start to finish, doubling the size of their opponent. Quiet and slow troops on SWAT’s side kept them from effectively covering the Templars, although the judges appreciated their creative upside-down L formation. Still, this battle swung in the Templars’ favor, with them winning 3-0.

Winner: Templars 

Wednesday, December 28

Citrus City

Day 4 opened up with the Special Weapons and Tactics invading Citrus City. They started strong, dominating the Dark Vikings in the first room. The Vikings were incredibly slow, and their forms were wanting; therefore, the Special Agents took the room. The second room was close, with neither army controlling much of the room. Both sides had their moments where they covered their opponent, but where the Vikings had more troops, the Special Agents had the creativity to match. Despite a victor named for the third room, it was close, with both armies taking turns covering the other. However, SWAT missed an opportunity to counter the Dark Vikings’ upside-down V with an anchor, instead utilizing a plus. The plus couldn’t cover and lacked a right side, giving Dark Vikings the room and sending the battle to the war’s first overtime. In overtime, SWAT made a great anchor to counter the Vikings’ upside-down V, but at times they died, as did numerous Viking troops. From that point forward, the Dark Vikings covered the room, winning them overtime and ultimately Citrus City.

Winner: Dark Vikings


The Special Weapons and Tactics continued to test the Dark Vikings’ defenses, invading again only a few hours later. Similar to the battle before, SWAT was dominant in the first room, covering the Dark Vikings despite being at a slight size advantage. In room 2, SWAT entered strong, covering the Vikings in their backward L. The middle part of the room was a tie as neither army had the upper hand, and the end was in favor of the Vikings, who had fewer AFK troops to slow them down. Room 2 was ultimately declared a tie. Again, the final room was a must-win for the Dark Vikings in hopes of defending their land. Dark Vikings got into a backward L and SWAT into an upside-down T, but it was poorly made, with only the vertical line visible. Although Dark Vikings had numerous AFK troops, their formations were cleaner and defended against SWAT, sending this battle to overtime as well. In overtime, SWAT had the upper hand with their upside-down T, but Dark Vikings’ upside-down V overpowered their own. Ultimately, the Vikings’ plus outperformed, culminating in their victory.

Winner: Dark Vikings

Sub Zero

In an unusual conclusion to the day, the Army of CP invaded Sub Zero, though the excitement had nothing to do with the battle. Due to a raid in the SWAT server, the battle had to be delayed by nearly 30 minutes. Ultimately, however, SWAT could not garner ten troops resulting in their defense being declared invalid.

Winner: Army of CP

Thursday, December 29


The Dark Vikings completed the only invasion of the day. The Vikings entered first, and SWAT’s numerous AFK troops made them appear tiny to the judges, making the room a Viking victory. In the next, the Dark Vikings were more dominant at the beginning, but the rest was a constant battle between them and the Special Agents, rendering it a tie. In the final room, SWAT had to make every minute count to send the battle to overtime, but they couldn’t. The Vikings were able to hold a 10+ penguin advantage with fewer AFK troops than SWAT. With the SWAT Agents looking smaller due to their sleeping troops, the Vikings were able to win the room and take Outback.

Winner: Dark Vikings

With only their capital remaining, the Special Weapons and Tactics have one attempt to gain territory. Both their invasion and defense are scheduled for tomorrow, clearing the way for a potential end to the Troubled Allies War. Will tomorrow be the last of this war, or will the SWAT Agents find a way to win and open the new year with a war?
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