Troubled Allies War: Days 1-2

Since Club Penguin Armies seems to be dragging its feet lately, I felt compelled to deliver an update on what I have dubbed the Troubled Allies War. Although late, the community at large deserves to know where this war has gone in the last week, especially with the break for Christmas in the middle.

To keep things simple, I’ll go through the first two days of battles, which featured five battles, and the Circus Alliance against the Special Weapons and Tactics. The Circus Alliance, consisting of the Templars, Army of CP, and Dark Vikings, has consistently been scheduling invasions against the Special Weapons and Tactics. In return, SWAT has gone toe-to-toe with the three-pronged alliance, hoping to secure new gains in their territory.

Thursday, December 22

Sapphire Mines

Troubled Allies Sapphire Mines ACP v SWAT

First on the agenda was the Army of CP‘s invasion of Sapphire Mines. To start the war on a solid footing, the Clovers brought 56 troops to the arena, outsizing their opponent by at least 20 in each room. SWAT did their best through formations and tactic speed, but they couldn’t outmatch the Clover’s size advantage. In the end, the Clovers swept the Agents, 3-0, with the judges favoring size, speed, and overall coverage.

Winner: Army of CP


Troubled Allies Fiesta Templars v SWAT

The Templars invaded Fiesta next. Having a 30+ troop advantage throughout the first two rooms and a 25+ troop advantage in the third, SWAT stood little chance to defend their land; however, this didn’t deter them. Although the Templars had quiet troops throughout each room, they managed to cover the agents soundly, allowing them a clean sweep victory. 

Winner: Templars

Friday, December 23


Troubled Allies Cozy ACP v SWAT

The Clovers again decided to invade during AUSIA, hoping to continue their alliance’s win streak. Throughout each room, the Army of CP had an advantage of at least 10 troops and made great use of them. The judges noted few afk troops from either side, and while the SWAT Agents fought valiantly, they were outnumbered and outperformed by the Clovers. Better formation choice, greater coverage, and overall size advantage carried the Clovers to victory. However, this was the last battle of the day to be considered a dominant win. 

Winner: Army of CP


Troubled Allies Breeze SWAT v ACP

Special Weapons and Tactics invaded Breeze next, putting the Clovers on their heels for the first time this war. In the first room, the two former allies went head-to-head, each dominating for a portion of the room. With relatively even sizes and no clear winner, the first room was a tie. The second room opened up in favor of SWAT, but a poorly made X formation sent them in a downward spiral, unable to recover for the rest of the room. Once the Clovers gained momentum in covering them and in size, they didn’t look back, eventually using their new size advantage of 12 to win the room. The final room again saw the armies going back and forth, this time through mistakes. Judges were unimpressed with the number of AFK troops the Clovers had and their inability to use their advantage of 13. Poor tactic-to-troop ratios and formation choices allowed the Agents to eke out a tie. 

Winner: Army of CP


Troubled Allies Alabama DV v SWAT

In another close battle, the Dark Vikings tried their hand at invading Alabama. The first two rooms had each army taking their turn at domination, and with similar sizes, neither ultimately had the upper hand. The last room became more important, with both rooms being declared ties. Although the final room was also close, the Dark Vikings managed to increase their size advantage and used it to cover a weaker SWAT X formation. This seemed to be the straw that made the difference, leading to the final room being declared in favor of the Dark Vikings. However, due to their leadership’s invalid invasion scheduling, the battle was ultimately declared invalid, allowing SWAT to keep their land. 

Winner: Special Weapons and Tactics

War continues to rage, but at least someone will be keeping an updated log as to how each day of battle is going. Stay tuned for the next update featuring Days 3 and 4. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, setting up for an exciting New Year’s war.

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