[AUSIA] King Mondo Appreciation – Results!

Hey ACP!

Today, our AUSIA Division hosted an event for our very own Advisor, King Mondo as an appreciation for his endless efforts in advising the army, and for his work on restoring and refining ACP history and archives.

Max: 36

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Project 001: An Introduction

Thanks to our 2ic Cubster for making this beautiful post header!



Over the past several months, you’ve probably seen me mention something called Project 001 briefly, along with the occasional ‘archive drop’ in the ACP Discord server. More recently, I discussed it in some detail in the final episode of season 1 of our Shamrock Bulletin’s wonderful Clover Chats Podcast, hosted by Zelly(bear) and myself.

However, since this project is so large in scale and incredibly multifaceted, I wanted to finally explain it using the art of the written word, for your convenience (and reference!).

What is Mondo up to this time? 

Read on to find out! (Mondo beard reveal at the end ???)

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ACP Interviews: King Mondo

HELLO there ACP Shamrock Bulletin(-ers?)

Have you ever wondered how to get to ACP leader? Perhaps you have been curious about the experiences of some of our very own ex-leaders….

Well, your questions shall be answered, as earlier I headed over to the Mammoth Classroom to ask our very own Advisor and Legend King Mondo a few questions!

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The Adventures of Private Midnight: Chapter 1


The Adventures of Private Midnight

Lead author: zellybelly 
Coauthored by: King Momdo


Chapter 1: The Beginning 

Once upon a time in an icy land far, far away from where any human had ever set foot lived a little penguin. This penguin wasn’t your normal penguin; he was different from everyone else.  No matter where he would go, the other penguins would make fun of him, and he would fall asleep each and every night alone and crying, feeling as if he didn’t belong.

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Tales From the Past: A Wild AUSIA Reunion

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Tales From The Past: A Wild AUSIA Reunion

Over the years, I’ve had quite a few interesting experiences, to say the least. They are all part of me; they’re part of my own unique journey in this community. Especially if you’ve experienced a lot, it gets harder to remember the less notable moments. But there are certain ones that you just can’t forget. The one in particular that I’m talking about here is something that I haven’t forgotten for many years.

It was an AUSIA reunion that was legendary, at least for me.

…And it was WILD

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Cessation Page Clarification


Recently I have realized that a lot of people have not been made explicitly aware of the integration of the new ACP Cessation page and it’s purpose. Some people have recently been on leave and did not comment on the Cessation page regarding it, and thus there was no record of anything to establish a rank, if the person was actually on leave or not, what kind of leave and for how long.

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[US]Clover Defenders Public Recruiting Session–CP Army

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Today we logged on CP for what would be another very successful day of recruiting. Once again, at this event, we livened up the berg from a completely dead room to an extremely active celebration. For a few instances, the new recruits actually ended up leading tactics by themselves. They even wanted to form a circle around the berg towards the end of the event. We maxed an impressive 25 and had even better tactics than last time!

Read onward for the pictures!

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September Promotions!

Salutations everyone!

With the beginning of the school year and the fluctuations in the community, it’s been a really interesting month. We went both ways on the Top Ten and different things happened as the days went on. Most notably, we started our ACP family reunion in alignment with the time of the 10th anniversary of ACP’s birthday! 

Despite the sudden drops in activity here and there, we pulled through with true might. At the reunion/birthday party, we had almost 30 on chat the whole day and at the peak about 5 messages per second on chat. It was a truly incredible day, just as it was 10 years ago. Collectively, I think this month was a HUGE success. Now that we are out of the first month of school, most people have adjusted, and thus it should be a much smoother rest of the season.

♣  ♣  And now, I present to you, the SEPTEMBER 2016 PROMOTIONS!  ♣  ♣

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Ten Years of ACP; Rolling in the Double Digits

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Salutations everyone,

It humbles me to finally be writing this post on this very important day in Club Penguin Army history. It’s almost unreal that ACP is still here after a whole decade. Oagalthorp created the ACP in 2006, and 10 years later we are here together celebrating this day where hard work and worthy perseverance is strongly remembered. After all that’s happened, we still fought our way through and ended up paving the way for other armies and other aspirations to follow in our wake.

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Impressive USA Recruiting Operation



Today we logged on to CP for what would turn out to be an amazing start to this new week. Once we arrived on the server and we had the all clear, the operation was underway. Quickly, we gained size and attracted the attention of many people continuously. New recruits started coming on chat, and even after the event ended, there was still a lot of people partying and having a lot of fun. This was a great day in modern ACP history, as there was true influence demonstrated. Great effort today, I’m proud of us. Let’s continue these great sizes and have a consistent week.

Max: 33

Average: 30-32

**Don’t forget the invasion of Zipline tomorrow @3pm EST! [MANDATORY EVENT].**

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