[UK] Clovers Fend Off Helpers in Philly

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

BATTLEGROUND, “Operation: Battle: ACP vs. Help Force”– Good evening ACP! Today on Saturday, February 25, our UK division logged onto CPA Battleground for an invasion of Philly and for a practice battle with our brothers in arms, Help Force! We logged onto Warzone and met in the Town, donning our green uniforms and preparing to (practice) battle.

Right at the hour we quickly moved to the Mine and bombed with a big word bubble bomb, quickly moving into a V formation and having some fun banter back and forth with Help Force. Troops then switched into a big word bubble Waterfall bomb, followed by a gathering in the middle of the Mine and moving out into an X formation. We then wondered where Help Force was since all we saw were our beloved allies. πŸ’™

After ten minutes, we switched rooms to the Forest, opening with another big word bubble bomb. Troops then switched into a Plus formation, battling it out with Help Force using more word bubbles and emote tactics. ACP then took control of the flow of the battle, executing a successful Z wipe, followed by a Waterfall bomb and into an upside down V form. More word bubble tactics and banter was exchanged with our brother allies, followed by some successful emote tactics, and ACP sustained a bombing of the room using both big word bubbles and emotes.

At the twenty minute mark, ACP regrouped at the Town to continue practicing. We transitioned into the Anchor formation, practicing word bubbles and emotes, and soon hit our max size of 21 troops participating! Troops then were able to log off, and celebrations were had in the main chat channel. Huge shoutout to the judges that didn’t show up!

Max Size: 21

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