US Tactic Session and Games Night with AR

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Events for the Week

Goodbye Spike Hike!

UK/US U-Lead on Breeze

Greetings, ACP. Today the US division had a joint event with AR and a games night afterwards where we played hide and seek which was quite competitive but overall very fun! We maxed fifteen in this event with nearly perfect tactics. Remember to attend the Practice Battle vs AR tomorrow at 4pm EST/9pm GMT

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New Ausia Leader

Hello ACP, I am Ronnoc91, your new AUSIAleader. I know currently that our AUSIA division is terrible but I hope to make our AUSIA the best in CPA. That is going to take work and time and I plan on putting in maximum effort to do so. I am also going to need the help of all of you to make this work. Lets go ACP!

-Ronnoc91 ACP Ausia Leader


Project: Make ACP Great Again – Is A Go

The Project of making the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) great again, and more apart of the Club Penguin Community is now in process.

To Read the post for how we’re going to make ACP Great again. Go To:

Or just click the “Read more” to view a copy of the post, and the new stuff that has been added in this post. PLEASE READ!!

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Becoming More Part of The @ClubPenguin Community[PLEASE READ]


Hey guys!

As a army who has been battling and server the island of Club Penguin for almost 10 years! We need to start becoming MORE apart of the Club Penguin community, so we need to do things like attending Club Penguin Mascot/Moderator Meet Ups, post club penguin updates/news on the ACP site (So turn the ACP site into a Club Penguin blog as well) and have ACP host and create their own Club Penguin parties, and get people attending them. So then we will be able to have A LOT more support from Club Penguin players, and since we are the ARMY of CLUB PENGUIN, we won’t be known as outsiders in the Club Penguin community, people won’t think of us as some evil group seeking to destroy Club Penguin.

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ACP’s Second Official Pokémon Tournament: Sign Ups and Information

Edit: You must currently be enlisted in ACP or have previously been in ACP to play in the tournament.

Greetings ACP! Yes it is that time again. Pokemon showdown tournament time!! This year is going to be better than the last. Click Continue Reading for the information!

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Join ACP for a FREE Club Penguin MEMBERSHIP


The ACP – Army of Club Penguin is NOW giving out FREE memberships to those who joins the ACP, and attend all the events/battles we have on Club Penguin and recruit more people to join the great Army that has served CP for 10 years!!

You will earn the FREE Club Penguin memberships whenever you attend a ACP event, recruit and get more people to join, stay active on the chat, and help us keep the island of Club Penguin a safe place.

Other rewards you can get while in the Army of Club Penguin are things such as promotion, coin codes, item codes, temp moderator, temp owner, and more!


And win a FREE Club Penguin membership, meet new friends, and do a lot more activities on Club Penguin!

Rookie Recruiting Session

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Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on to Cloudy to meet Rookie and to do a bit of recruiting. We maxed around 35 in this event with rouges however our tactics weren’t the best. Carry on reading for pictures and Skipper’s video.

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Ausia Training On Breeze

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Hello ACP,

Today, we logged on breeze for a training session. We maxed 10 with good tactics. We were bot raided for a short period of time but it did not ruin our tactics and we did not get a pic of bots. The whole event was done in Docks, we tried to Joke Bomb berg but the bots got there first. So here are the pictures of event provided by Me, Dia and Agent.

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Make ACP Great Again @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin


So when y’all look back to the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) run by Oagalthorp, Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, Mchappy, Kenneth/Flipper and so on. To now when it is run by a whole different type of peo…

Source: Make ACP Great Again @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

Here is a post written by a moderator (Skipper233) that includes some motivation/tips to continue the success of the only OFFICIAL Army of Club Penguin. We are coming up on our ❗ 10TH ANNIVERSARY ❗ and no other army is able to have that title yet. Last week we rose, this week we will climb together to new heights.

March on to victory

UK Recruiting Session on Slushy

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Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, UK logged onto Slushy for a quick recruiting session where we maxed 15. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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