[UK/US] Battle vs. PIC – Results

Hey ACP!

Today our UK division and US division logged onto Ascent, CP Rewritten for our battle the People’s Imperial Confederation! We created some fun formations and chanted some innovative tactics. We managed to efficiently break our size goal of 41 troops! Thank you to our moderator leads and HCOM Max for their amazing leading. Huge applause to PIC for providing great effort as well.

Max: 41

Thank you to those who attended the battle against PIC! Remember to confirm your attendance for our upcoming March Madness battle and other fun events! Green together, family forever!


ACP Field General

4 Responses

  1. Was there! Well done ACP!

  2. poggers great post rah and good job acp!

  3. I came! Awesome job today ACP!! Super exciting battle, GGs to PIC!

  4. awesome stuff ACP! Overslept and couldn’t come 😦

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